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When in a video game such as a MMO or a multiplayer game that allows a large amount of people on one server a sizable group of noobs team up in the belief that together they have "leet skillz" and that sticking to gether they shall surive, these are rare due to the fact noobs have a tough time grouping into such a horde because they have poor organizational skills. They are not much of a threat in MMORPG or any other game where characters earn levels or boost their stats as they are often unskilled and tend to panic at the first of danger, they are a moderate threat in FPS games where friendly fire is not on because their group attacks are difficult to dodge, but they end up killing themselves and destroying all order in the group when friendly fire is on as they start fighting amongst each other on who started shooting everyone after they respawing after the aforementioned accident. They also end up fighting on who gets to be the leader, but one might manage to show their supremacy if they are higher level then the others or have better aim. A group of noobs smaller then 10 is probably a noob caravan instead. either kind of noob group can be easily fought off by high-levels or highly-skilled players(the mere appearance of a high-level character in a MMORPG might scare them off)
Two World of Warcraft players are discussing a earlier event in the game:

Player 1: heard about that Noob Horde that tried to attack that city?

Player 2: Yeah I saw it, they acted all arrogant until that lvl 80 appeared, then they pretty much fell apart. It was hilarious.

Two Star wars Battlefront II players are talking about a earlier game:

Player 1: Remember in Naboo when that CIS Noob Horde started rampaging?

Player 2: Yeah then one guy started sniping them, and they started shooting each other in their panic.
by Dr.research September 08, 2009
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