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A powerful weapon combo in the hit Xbox game, Halo 2. To perform it, a player finds a Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle, takes them, charges the Plasma Pistol and fires off a shot at the opponent, instantly making the target lose their shield. Then the player needs only to switch to the Battle Rifle and fire off one shot to the head (or two shots to the body) to get an instant kill on the target.

It is widely used in maps like Colossus and Beaver Creek. Do not judge the combo by its widely-used name, however. It takes skill to some extent to aim the Battle Rifle in the right spot.
Player 1: How did you get 40 kills, Player 2?

Player 2: Noob combo, biyatch.
by Mehro March 25, 2005
A weapon combination discovered in Halo 2.

The noob combo consists of a plasma pistol and a battle rifle. The user would charge the pistol up and fire it on the opponent. The green blast follows and homes in on the target making escape unlikely. This causes the victims shield to be stripped and then the noob combo users quickly switches to the battle rifle and shoots the victim in the head, causing a instant kill (even if the user misses the head, it only takes a 2nd shot anywhere on the body to finish the victim off).

the Noob combo is used by just as you would expect, noobs. Typically the people using it suck with the legit weapons and want a unfair advantage against their opponents. It eventually got to the point where players would immediately set off to find the 2 needed weapons as soon as a match would start... Thus ruining the Halo 2 experience for many legit gamers.

Noob combo was also used to spawn kill quite often. Despite its overwhelming frustration, the noob combo is possible to beat. The best method is to quickly duck behind a wall or object and once the blast misses, quickly kill the noob while he's charging back up. Its not uncommon to see someone resort to using a noob combo to beat a noob combo user. Fight fire with fire. Or in this case, noob with noob.

In Halo 3, the noob combo was fixed with the simple change of making the plasma blast not home in on opponents. Now the noobs are forced to use real tactics and play fair.
Noob Combo player: eye 0wned yu

Legit Player: you used noob combo you dumb nub
by Proem March 07, 2010
the combination of a plasma pistol, followed by a secondary BR. God damn it you people suck.
Gamer1(blue team), "dude, i just died and all i saw was a green splodge on my screen!"
Gamer2(red team), "ha, you just got pwned"
Gamer3(blue team), "that's weak man, you are using a noob combo you noob/noob whore!"
by me34 June 05, 2007
the noob combo in halo 2 that is widely used by newbies and elite players alike...usually better players use it because they are losing, but the truth is that everyone uses it. and if u are truly good at halo 2, u can beat the combo.
my teammate: "damn noobs with that damn noob combo! I hate them!"
me: "dude, u had the combo too, dipshit"
by PrivatePoopsick March 20, 2006
Worse than a noob deluxe.
Person A: Darn, I got killed by my own claymore. I'm such a noob deluxe
Person B: No, you're a noob combo.
by Not_Noob-a-noob October 08, 2010
A combo used in halo 2 involving the Plasma Pistol and Battle rifle. It is widely known as a "noob combo" because "a noob can use it and kill a seasoned veteran." so basically the other strong weapons (i.e rocket launcher, sword, shotgun) are noob weapons since a noob can kill a veteran easily with those.
veteran: hay u noob combo me iz rank 37 me iz good me no die
player: what? i'm rank 38 and I am supposedly a noob? racist
veteran: yah but i die means u noob and u live n yer moms basement
player: lol
by fuzzy fish March 11, 2008
Any combo of items in a video game that require little skill but is very powerful. These combos are looked down by higher class players who have mastered other combos but are still getting killed by players who basically cheat by using the same easy combo over and over again.
But you're the master, how did he beat you?
He just kept usin an old noob combo.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 04, 2005
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