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also spelled noob tube
A term used for a rocket launcher or RPG in video games, given the name due to its lack of neccesary accuracy
Stop using that noob toob or I will ban you from the server
by HKGunner March 13, 2005
A grenade launcher used in call of duty modern warfare that is shot across the map to kill the whole team.
Dude stop using that friggin noob toob you ass
by ccccccccccch May 13, 2009
The greatest independant gaming podcast on the internet, hosted by Tobin and Yuzo. They are also completley non-biast
-NoobToob says MGS sucks
-Fuck thoses bastards!!
-Atleast it's better then IGN's bullshit
by ThunderWank January 26, 2009
A term used for the grenade launcher attachment in call of duty. Named for the lack needed skill only noobs use it even in RL.
(Marine):DoOd LoOk At mY 1337 NaDe LaUnCh3r
(Marine's friend):LaWl only nubs use noob toobs
by Flipsk8r1409 March 31, 2009
A Noob toob is someone who is really stupid, and misspells common words, also someone who cant speak properly or use the right context of english.
(also someone who spells tube toob)
e.g. (lucas said)How do i spell the word elf?
e.g. (lucas said)it saids plz click sex so i did and i say i didnt
e.g. (Steve wrote) you place the sodium bicarbonate in the test toob

Steve and lucas are both noob toobs
by Killer toob March 21, 2006
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