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the really cute, nice, smart, lovable boy with a really cute accent who's amazing and awesome but not really mine JUST YET (maybe in the future...right now we're just close friends, lolz)
Noah is the most amazing person in the world, he WILL be my bf some day but for now we're just happy with close friends. (well, he is at least...again lolz).
by we're_besties April 10, 2013
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A brown eyed and brown haired boy who happens to be half chilean and half white. He listens to rap music. He loves movies and his favorite director is Kubrick. He also happens to be afflicted by Jungle Fever.
Jared: Man that kid loves Odd Future and movies

Ben: He also has jungle fever

Jared: Then his name must be Noah!
by bionicgirl January 22, 2013
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Noah is usually hilairous and makes everyone around him laugh. He usually has a girl by his side. He is extrememly loving and gets many others jealous. If anyone hates a Noah, then screw them. Noah continues to out go himself and wants to get better at everything that he does. He is the boy that everyone wants to be around. Many girls like him but he is loyal to him one and only. He doesn't know how amazing he really is.
"hey, Noah. do you think that you could come over today?"

"No sorry. I am going to this party and hanging out with my girlfriend... ad other stuff..."

"You know, she's lucky."
by dat kake April 14, 2014
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One hell of a badass who built an ark
Guy 1- "Looks like its gonna rain..."
Guy 2- "Call Noah!!!"
by that1kidnoah March 06, 2014
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An amazing guy who is tall, has amazing bright green eyes, light freckles and fantastic blonde hair. He can seem like a troublemaker at first but is caring, supportive, and kind. He is a huge history nerd and isn't afraid of much. He'll do anything to protect someone he loves and can always make you smile. He hides things well, and it takes a lot for him to open up. If he does, it is obvious he truly trusts you. Noah gives the best hugs and always knows what to say or when to stay quiet. He has somewhat of a temper, and will say things he doesn't mean, but always apologizes after. He is good with cars and is great at poetry. He's incredibly smart, but sometimes lazy. He is always willing to go out and have fun. Noah is the most amazing person you will ever meet, and you would be crazy to let him go.
Noah is the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Love_you_darling October 30, 2013
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A blonde haired, blue eyed perfection! He is the smartest guy in the world. Every girl that sees him falls instantly inlove with him and feels the need to go out with him.

He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is a fearless, Oreo loving, hipster.

He will, take you to the movies, give you his hoodie, kiss you when your upset, kiss you when your happy, kiss you anytime of the day, sing to you, make you breakfast, hold your hand in class, hold your hand when walking somewhere, hug you around the waist, sneak you a kiss inbetween class, tell you he loves you and mean it, hold you tight and not let go, give you post-it note letters on your school locker, whisper you cute things whilst hugging, if he doesn't, he isn't a real Noah.
Girl 1 - Woah who was that guy! He was perfection at its finest!
Girl 2 - Yeah that's my boyfriend. He's a total Noah

Girl 1 - Woah! Does he do all the Noah things?
Girl 2 - Yeah he does! He is perfection !
by Noah's girlfriend June 09, 2013
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Noah is a somewhat overweight guy that causes everyone to pronounce his name by saying every syllable. He's also comedic at times, but only depending on the situation. Girls often like him, but he doesn't know it due to lack of self confidence.
girl 1: Hey its No-ah!
girl 2: No-ah!
guy: No-ah!
Noah : Oh hey guys...
by Uwould222 October 23, 2012
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