A pimp that stacks mad cash and makes it rain on hoes while they make their booty clap. He's often clownin' dime piece bitches, smokin' some super chronic, and/or droppin' mad loot on designer shit(minimum of 25,000). And he is most likely fuckin' your mom and/or your sister. And your baby's momma always tryin' to tie him down, but she ain't nothing but a piece of ass to him. But you can't ever see him cuz there's too much money in the way....
Stripper Bitch: Did you see that Noah boy throwin' that money and smellin' like straight hydro?
by Atlantis Ruin October 16, 2014
the really cute, nice, smart, lovable boy with a really cute accent who's amazing and awesome but not really mine JUST YET (maybe in the future...right now we're just close friends, lolz)
Noah is the most amazing person in the world, he WILL be my bf some day but for now we're just happy with close friends. (well, he is at least...again lolz).
by we're_besties April 10, 2013
A guy who is secretley a terrorist with a pedophile mustache and constantly masturbates to camel porn. He enjoys blowing stuff up including his girlfriend. He also one time stuck a piece of dynamite up his ass to get off.
"Dude I just saw Noah!"

"That Terrorist creep! Ewwww!"
by Charlesbronson November 09, 2012
Noah mean that when you say no but you add ah at the end so it sound right
"Are you ready Elizabeth?"asked mom,NOAH!,Said Elizabeth
by Nikki Williams October 08, 2014
The most attractive creature in the galaxy. Noah's are great people with amazing hair a suave sense of fashion and you cant forget intellect which any good Noah has. (Not the best spellers though)
Girl 1: Who is that guy?
Girl 2: That's Noah!
*Girl 2 swoons at Noah's feet*
Girl 1: Hey sexy
Noah: I must go my hair needs grooming.
*Noah flies away*
by Noah June 03, 2014
One hell of a badass who built an ark
Guy 1- "Looks like its gonna rain..."
Guy 2- "Call Noah!!!"
by that1kidnoah March 06, 2014
A short kid with amazing hazel and green eyes. He's always by your side no matter what. He seems like one of those happy kids with no problems but actually has alot. When he's mad you better stay the heck away from him. He is way to hard on himself and has many insecurities. Noah will never know how amazing he is unless someone tells him. He's looking for that one friend who will support him through anything . Many people pick on him for no reason.
Why is she so insecure and moody?

I don't know she's acting like Noah
by SavannahPop December 17, 2013

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