A really nice guy who is super cute, is a total geek, and is really nice. All the girls want him but only the lucky ones can have him. He has that smile and does that nod thing that drives girls crazy. Basically Noah is like you combined almost everything awesome in the world and then added Daryl Dixon just to make him that awesome!
Noah: *smiles* what's up?
Me:* faints*
Friend:what happened
Me: I got noahed
by Nicolerazz16 January 20, 2015
Noah takes the best snap chats
I got the best snapchat from Noah today
by noahologist December 21, 2014
A short kid with amazing hazel and green eyes. He's always by your side no matter what. He seems like one of those happy kids with no problems but actually has alot. When he's mad you better stay the heck away from him. He is way to hard on himself and has many insecurities. Noah will never know how amazing he is unless someone tells him. He's looking for that one friend who will support him through anything . Many people pick on him for no reason.
Why is she so insecure and moody?

I don't know she's acting like Noah
by SavannahPop December 17, 2013
One who is extremely cocky. Noah's love to hunt and shoot guns. Noah's often believe that they are much funnier than they really are. Not very attractive; however, some women can be drawn to Noah. VERY touchy feely, loves to flirt and touch others. Average hair depending on the cut. Not very tall. Extremely aggressive, especially with his friends. Trys to control everything.
Steve: "fuck of Tom you're acting like a total Noah right now"
by Tentherton February 17, 2015
The kid with the giant dick. Everyone wants to be him or be with him. He can overpower any of his competitors. Generally good at sports. Noahs are the top species of the world. Compared to others Noahs are Gods. Noahs are born from a virgin mother just as Jesus was.
Dude that kid is amazing he must be a Noah.
by TheDefiner of UrbanTerminology January 22, 2015
A person that is talented, adorable, and sweet. Often musical.
Whoa, that guy is so cute, he must be a Noah.
by pseudonym g December 19, 2014
Noah is the definition of perfection! Hes lovable, cute, amazing and funny. You want to be his friend! When you become friends with him you'll never want to let him go.
"Is that Noah"
"I can tell hes perfect"
by G4MEZOVER November 13, 2014

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