A really nice guy who is super cute, is a total geek, and is really nice. All the girls want him but only the lucky ones can have him. He has that smile and does that nod thing that drives girls crazy. Basically Noah is like you combined almost everything awesome in the world and then added Daryl Dixon just to make him that awesome!
Noah: *smiles* what's up?
Me:* faints*
Friend:what happened
Me: I got noahed
by Nicolerazz16 January 20, 2015
Noah takes the best snap chats
I got the best snapchat from Noah today
by noahologist December 21, 2014
Noah mean that when you say no but you add ah at the end so it sound right
"Are you ready Elizabeth?"asked mom,NOAH!,Said Elizabeth
by Nikki Williams October 08, 2014
Ladies: beware this man. He is the Devil. He will lure you in with deep expressions of love, only to drop you in an instant with no explanation. He will not only break your heart, he'll spit on it, do an Irish jig on top of it, toss it in a blender and hit "purée." He'll treat you like a prostitute and disrespect you. He'll try to control you. He will never be able to give you unconditional love. Do NOT trust him! His intentions are not evil, but his heart is shrouded in darkness and can't accept love. He's a lost cause. If you meet a Noah, run gurl!
Noah is the unintentional devil incarnate. You've been warned.
by Lululemonade September 19, 2014
The most attractive creature in the galaxy. Noah's are great people with amazing hair a suave sense of fashion and you cant forget intellect which any good Noah has. (Not the best spellers though)
Girl 1: Who is that guy?
Girl 2: That's Noah!
*Girl 2 swoons at Noah's feet*
Girl 1: Hey sexy
Noah: I must go my hair needs grooming.
*Noah flies away*
by Noah June 03, 2014
A sexy beast with amazing hair and a sweet personality. Likes football, basketball, and baseball. Loves all his friends and talks to anybody who is willing to listen. Noah isn't afraid of asking girls out or going for the older women. He's a pretty boy and he knows it. He doesn't take shit from no one and loves to be with friends.
Girl: Damn, he's hot!
Girl #2: That's Noah!
by hot77 October 23, 2013
the really cute, nice, smart, lovable boy with a really cute accent who's amazing and awesome but not really mine JUST YET (maybe in the future...right now we're just close friends, lolz)
Noah is the most amazing person in the world, he WILL be my bf some day but for now we're just happy with close friends. (well, he is at least...again lolz).
by we're_besties April 10, 2013

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