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Slang; A denial of something asked by someone in somewhere. Synonym with "nope, chuck testa".
Boy 1 : "Is that your name is Noah?"
Boy 2 : "No ah!"
Boy 1 : "Like seriously?"
Boy 2 : "Nope, chuck testa"
by toyekgreenlover November 07, 2011
Noah is the best thing that will ever happen to you! He will always be there when you need him even through the really hard times. He is understanding, compassionate, adorable and incredibly loving. He's a little bit of a dork when it comes to movies but if you listen to him rant about Quentin Terrintino for a while, he'll really listen to whatever you have to say! He will be the most loveable little goofball you will ever meet (not to mention he is super hot ;) <3
Alison: Wow Noah is seriously the sexiest beast on the planet! Plus he's smart and funny and sweet! How did you snag him?

Anastasia: I wonder that every day! There is no way any girl on the planet could ever deserve someone as perfect as him and i still don't know why he picked me!!

Alison: I'm toads jellin
by Anastasia Dimitrie March 21, 2012
A Noah is a kid that tries his hardest to be funny but succeeds less than half of the time. He knows just about every joke out there, corny or otherwise, and recites them hourly. He is constantly goofing off in class much to the dismay of his teachers and annoyance, bordering on amusement, of his peers.

A Noah has some mad acting skills. It is not in his nature to hold back and he's not afraid to make a fool of himself which means he is the best at school induced role play activities. If you suck at such things (it's okay you can admit it) be in his group. Noah will do all the acting and you can sit back and relax.
Person 1: That was the best History class ever. Nate did such a good job with the role play.
Person 2: He was so funny.
Person 3: Yeah he's such a Noah.
by academy2014 October 04, 2011
Good looking average kind of guy at school you see him you can become friends straight away. He has heaps of besties, he's popular, especially with the girls they love him, they want to be with him. He just likes that girl with the sporty personality who is gorgeous and nice to everyone except the people Noah hates too. He is sporty, with that personality basketball!
"Oh my god did you see the new kid Noah"
"Yes he's so hot and good looking"
"I KNOW he plays basketball he is so my type"

"I saw him first so he's mine back off"
"No sorry he likes me :) "
by Nikey March 20, 2013
is a swag and funny kid who plays basketball,golf,tennis,and flag football he is the funniest kid you will ever meet
Noah avgs 69 point,30 assists,19 rebounds a game
by john wall 4 mvp January 08, 2013
He has brown hair and brown eyes, and may not be cute to some people but is very cute to some. Noah has his days where he just wants to hit something, and just takes his anger out on everyone. He also has his days where he is the nicest guy in the world, and makes you feel like he really does love you... You may feel like he's really mean, but he has feelings like everyone else. His life isn't going very well, and i just wish that i could make it better for him. He is very hard working, and can make you smile by doing anything. When he sends goodnight!:) text messages you melt.. He doesn't ever put many smiley faces, so when he does, you are the happiest girl in the world. Sometimes you wish he would jus stop going for all of the wrong girls and go for you. He might be your ex boyfriend, like he was mine, and you just can't get over him. He's just so amazing and he can piss you off and make you want to cry 24/7 because you miss him so much, and you just ache for the day he's going to ask you out again. When your sad, he tries to be nice to you, and when he screws up he does everything he can to make you believe him. I love him so much. I hope we date again someday.. I miss him
"More guys should act like Noah."
by Maddie H April 07, 2012