A Noah is a kid that tries his hardest to be funny but succeeds less than half of the time. He knows just about every joke out there, corny or otherwise, and recites them hourly. He is constantly goofing off in class much to the dismay of his teachers and annoyance, bordering on amusement, of his peers.

A Noah has some mad acting skills. It is not in his nature to hold back and he's not afraid to make a fool of himself which means he is the best at school induced role play activities. If you suck at such things (it's okay you can admit it) be in his group. Noah will do all the acting and you can sit back and relax.
Person 1: That was the best History class ever. Nate did such a good job with the role play.
Person 2: He was so funny.
Person 3: Yeah he's such a Noah.
by academy2014 October 04, 2011
Noah is the most kind and caring person you could meet. He cares greatly about everybody and works hard to show it. He makes all the girls fall for him, and is absolutly amazing. If u get a Noah, hold on to him and never let go. Noah is extremely funny and can always cheer anybody up. He has an amazing sense of humor and uses it to cheer everyone up. Noah is a friend to everyone and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. If you know a Noah, hold him tight and never let go of him. If you care for him, he will make sure to care for you. Noah helps with anything you need and is glad to do it for you. Noah is a girl's best friend, and a guy's best friend. He will always be there for you, no matter what happends.
Wow, Noah's an amazing friend.
by ImaDuckie:3 December 19, 2012
Is a male. Most Noah's seem to be of the younger generation. According to the website they are
Put high pressure on themselves
Have many girls who want them
Do not know that girls want them
Some are fat?
A couple definitions said gay?
Another definition said to do as many girls at one time

Used in the famous Old Testament Story, "Noah's Ark"
Hebrew name that means "rest"

What's scary is that most of this definition fits the Noah that I know 0.o
Girl 1:Wow he is cute, put's pressure on himself, and is loved by all women types.
Girl 3: Hey (to the Noah) what's your name?
(supposed Noah): Joe
Girl 1: Nope it's Noah, end of story
by NotNoah.. April 27, 2012
Slang; A denial of something asked by someone in somewhere. Synonym with "nope, chuck testa".
Boy 1 : "Is that your name is Noah?"
Boy 2 : "No ah!"
Boy 1 : "Like seriously?"
Boy 2 : "Nope, chuck testa"
by toyekgreenlover November 07, 2011
That guy.
Noah is that guy.
by PineappleJuice March 05, 2015
Good looking average kind of guy at school you see him you can become friends straight away. He has heaps of besties, he's popular, especially with the girls they love him, they want to be with him. He just likes that girl with the sporty personality who is gorgeous and nice to everyone except the people Noah hates too. He is sporty, with that personality basketball!
"Oh my god did you see the new kid Noah"
"Yes he's so hot and good looking"
"I KNOW he plays basketball he is so my type"

"I saw him first so he's mine back off"
"No sorry he likes me :) "
by Nikey March 20, 2013

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