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A top notch chick who is often hated, mostly imitated but never duplicted. the realest bitch, every female hates or wants to be her and every man wants her. she hated on mostly, shes too much too handle. SO SEXY. u wish u had all of that. Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. book smart and street smart. concieted for a good reason.
Guy1: "What's Shorty's name?"

Guy2: "Oh thats Dominique Fine ass!!"

Guy1: "Should've known that was her name cause she got Class, Sass and hella Ass."

Guy2: "u aint got no chance with that man trust me I tried"

Guy1: "She too Hot too handle, with a name like that"
by uwishuhadaldis February 06, 2010
a hoe, a runner, a bustdown, a rat, a skeezer, a slut, a blockhead, someone that gets around, someone that will let you hit without a blink of the eye, someone thats gets it in al the time with no shame. premiscuious. term originated in chicago.
"She been with every dude in the hood, she a PROfessional Strag."
by uwishuhadaldis February 05, 2010
A very cute lil boy who will grow up to be a womanizer and pull chicks left and right.
he,s gonna be a Noah mark my words.
by uwishuhadaldis February 06, 2010

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