Noah is a somewhat overweight guy that causes everyone to pronounce his name by saying every syllable. He's also comedic at times, but only depending on the situation. Girls often like him, but he doesn't know it due to lack of self confidence.
girl 1: Hey its No-ah!
girl 2: No-ah!
guy: No-ah!
Noah : Oh hey guys...
by Uwould222 October 23, 2012
A kind man with a sweet heart. Crazy, nerdy, caring, and loving. I miss him so much and I haven't seen him in two days. He wanted to tell me something all day that day. He took my hand at one point. I didn't complain. I didn't let go. But i can't believe I didn't make him say it. Now I'll never see him again.
Noah, I wish we could have gotten to know each other better before you left.
by TrulyDrama June 17, 2012
An insecure self centered faggot that no one likes; someone who only cares about himself; a Person who thinks he is above everyone else.
Hey stop being a Noah and help.
by Thespokentruth December 20, 2014
A faggot
Noah Book
by Maw <3 July 02, 2010
A wang. A tool. A Jewish boy who likes to be rude to very nice and beautiful young ladies
I'm sorry he insulted you, but what did you expect? He's a Noah.
by VanillaThunder12 May 17, 2014
To noah - The act of not being a man long enough for your manhood to start to atrophy.

"If you don't use it, do you lose it?"
Mike went to the doctor to check his penis when he started to noah after a cold streak of six months.
by Coverofnight March 18, 2013
A gay prostitute with hair like a loo brush and shit at all sport. Also has no penis.
That dumbass is such a Noah
by Haccker123 February 26, 2014

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