Total asshole who would rather fuck his girlfriend than hang out with any of his friends. Don't ask him to do anything with you for he will lie to you and ditch you so he can be with girlfriend due to his nymphomania.
"Hey Noah, Wanna hang out? Nah man, I'm going to enter girlfriend's name here's house. Maybe some other time."
by iNSOMNiA June 17, 2015
The kid with the giant dick. Everyone wants to be him or be with him. He can overpower any of his competitors. Generally good at sports. Noahs are the top species of the world. Compared to others Noahs are Gods. Noahs are born from a virgin mother just as Jesus was.
Dude that kid is amazing he must be a Noah.
by TheDefiner of UrbanTerminology January 22, 2015
Noah's are the most amazing people you will ever meet. They are sweet, caring, and will do anything to make you smile. They tend to be very sensitive, but have a very romantic side. They are AMAZING in bed and can easily pick up women due to their incredible looks and stunning blue eyes. Noah's always have a great sense in music and are wonderful musicians. They are also very smart and will always help you if you're having trouble. If you ever happen to get lucky enough to date a Noah, don't ever let him go. He will treat you like a queen and will never leave you. He will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to you.
1. Friend #1: I met this amazing guy the other day and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him.
Friend #2: Lol, he was a Noah wasn't he?
2. Gahh, that was the greatest sex ever! I'm glad I let you try anal, Noah.
3. Have you ever just wanted to scream out "Noah" while masturbating?
by maddieissocoollike January 02, 2014
Amazing, talented, perfect. Alll minnneee.
noah means having power & being whipped.
by HotCheeetos February 21, 2015
One who is extremely cocky. Noah's love to hunt and shoot guns. Noah's often believe that they are much funnier than they really are. Not very attractive; however, some women can be drawn to Noah. VERY touchy feely, loves to flirt and touch others. Average hair depending on the cut. Not very tall. Extremely aggressive, especially with his friends. Trys to control everything.
Steve: "fuck of Tom you're acting like a total Noah right now"
by Tentherton February 17, 2015
Damn, a Noah is a guy that has this gravitational force. With dark hair and big dark eyes, he pulls you in. If you fall in love with a Noah, good luck falling out. Every guy you'll ever see, you will compare him to Noah. Noah's are passionate, romantic and goof balls. No matter how hard you try, you can't shake the feeling of him. A Noah will drive you insane, but it's that type of insanity that ignites a spark.
I remember him holding me, up close. I remember the way his jacket felt on my cheek. As we pulled away, his eyes drove me crazy. His name was Noah
by |¡|45/321 January 02, 2015
Noah is usually hilairous and makes everyone around him laugh. He usually has a girl by his side. He is extrememly loving and gets many others jealous. If anyone hates a Noah, then screw them. Noah continues to out go himself and wants to get better at everything that he does. He is the boy that everyone wants to be around. Many girls like him but he is loyal to him one and only. He doesn't know how amazing he really is.
"hey, Noah. do you think that you could come over today?"

"No sorry. I am going to this party and hanging out with my girlfriend... ad other stuff..."

"You know, she's lucky."
by dat kake April 14, 2014

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