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ass, asshole, complete dick. but you love him.
Omg your such a Noah, but i love you!
by kimmy21 January 16, 2014
Noah is the embodiment of herpes. When taking it from behind he oozes with homemade nutty fudge. In the monsoon season Noah likes to spend his time isolated with animals. Like the woman who was raped by a horse, Noah also enjoys the feeling of horse semen sloshing around his distended anal region, of course he does them two by two, hoorah hoorah!

A term that has recently been associated with the name is "No-mo" This describes an action which makes you look and sound like a prick.
Arg - "I spy with my little eye something beginning with K"

Noah - "Cup"

Arg- "Oh no! you've had a No-mo you cunt!""
by Rochester Court October 29, 2012
A Person how is in public and walks into things
Noah was saying hi then ran into the column
by lookaturtle March 12, 2010
A conceited douchebag who feels authority towards every human being, and believes he is right about everything.
That guy is such a Noah.
by coolness23 December 23, 2011
a d-bag who focuses on nothing in his life but himself. he likes to wear yoga pants, bras, and makeup in his sparetime to enhance his curves (possibly because he is a sexually frustrated man) he likes to cheat on the girl of his dreams who is funny, sexy, nice, fun to be with, faithful, and just an all around babe. he thinks that its okay to keep cheating on this girl, and then break up with her, and keep going back to her. he tells her everytime that itll be different, but its not. the perfect girl he was with before is stupid enough to keep going back to this son of a beach. she still loves him and shes stupid as fock, but hes more stupid to leave her.
jordan: wow look at that manho.
may: yeah hes a total noah.
by jordycordy January 07, 2012
A tall vegan boy who believes in saving the world through eating peanuts and cucumbers and wears camouflage clothing. He is very strange at first sight but grows on people very quickly. He is easy to talk to and enjoys strange music. He has strange habits and desires such as picking others noses. He occasionally is struck by lightning.
Girl 1: Who's penis is on that girl's shoulder?
Girl 2: Must be a Noah!
by girls who lovez them some noah September 25, 2010
A N00blet tree who lives in a cardboard box, and will be forever alone while Darrell and Jayda laugh at his hobo-ness.
Dude, Noah smells like butt.
Don't be a hobo like Noah
He's a bum
by dhkfsla January 03, 2012