Is a male. Most Noah's seem to be of the younger generation. According to the website they are
Put high pressure on themselves
Have many girls who want them
Do not know that girls want them
Some are fat?
A couple definitions said gay?
Another definition said to do as many girls at one time

Used in the famous Old Testament Story, "Noah's Ark"
Hebrew name that means "rest"

What's scary is that most of this definition fits the Noah that I know 0.o
Girl 1:Wow he is cute, put's pressure on himself, and is loved by all women types.
Girl 3: Hey (to the Noah) what's your name?
(supposed Noah): Joe
Girl 1: Nope it's Noah, end of story
by NotNoah.. April 27, 2012
He has brown hair and brown eyes, and may not be cute to some people but is very cute to some. Noah has his days where he just wants to hit something, and just takes his anger out on everyone. He also has his days where he is the nicest guy in the world, and makes you feel like he really does love you... You may feel like he's really mean, but he has feelings like everyone else. His life isn't going very well, and i just wish that i could make it better for him. He is very hard working, and can make you smile by doing anything. When he sends goodnight!:) text messages you melt.. He doesn't ever put many smiley faces, so when he does, you are the happiest girl in the world. Sometimes you wish he would jus stop going for all of the wrong girls and go for you. He might be your ex boyfriend, like he was mine, and you just can't get over him. He's just so amazing and he can piss you off and make you want to cry 24/7 because you miss him so much, and you just ache for the day he's going to ask you out again. When your sad, he tries to be nice to you, and when he screws up he does everything he can to make you believe him. I love him so much. I hope we date again someday.. I miss him
"More guys should act like Noah."
by Maddie H April 07, 2012
a kid with long brown hair and brown eyes. he plays the drums and is fascinated with two sports. he is a legit hockey player and can rape you in free running. straight up G from the south.
Yuh, thats muh Noah.
by NoahML February 27, 2010
A blonde haired, blue eyed perfection! He is the smartest guy in the world. Every girl that sees him falls instantly inlove with him and feels the need to go out with him.

He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is a fearless, Oreo loving, hipster.

He will, take you to the movies, give you his hoodie, kiss you when your upset, kiss you when your happy, kiss you anytime of the day, sing to you, make you breakfast, hold your hand in class, hold your hand when walking somewhere, hug you around the waist, sneak you a kiss inbetween class, tell you he loves you and mean it, hold you tight and not let go, give you post-it note letters on your school locker, whisper you cute things whilst hugging, if he doesn't, he isn't a real Noah.
Girl 1 - Woah who was that guy! He was perfection at its finest!
Girl 2 - Yeah that's my boyfriend. He's a total Noah

Girl 1 - Woah! Does he do all the Noah things?
Girl 2 - Yeah he does! He is perfection !
by Noah's girlfriend June 09, 2013
A pimp that stacks mad cash and makes it rain on hoes while they make their booty clap. He's often clownin' dime piece bitches, smokin' some super chronic, and/or droppin' mad loot on designer shit(minimum of 25,000). And he is most likely fuckin' your mom and/or your sister. And your baby's momma always tryin' to tie him down, but she ain't nothing but a piece of ass to him. But you can't ever see him cuz there's too much money in the way....
Stripper Bitch: Did you see that Noah boy throwin' that money and smellin' like straight hydro?
by Atlantis Ruin October 16, 2014
A short kid with amazing hazel and green eyes. He's always by your side no matter what. He seems like one of those happy kids with no problems but actually has alot. When he's mad you better stay the heck away from him. He is way to hard on himself and has many insecurities. Noah will never know how amazing he is unless someone tells him. He's looking for that one friend who will support him through anything . Many people pick on him for no reason.
Why is she so insecure and moody?

I don't know she's acting like Noah
by SavannahPop December 17, 2013
Noah's are usually incredibly sweet. Sometimes, even spontaneously sweet. He usually likes the Iowa State Cyclones which make the people around him think he's gone completely crazy. He's a hard worker & the word "easy" isn't in his vocabulary. He knows how to treat a girl right because he's seen it displayed for him by his older siblings. He will do anything to make a girl happy. Even though, sometimes, he'll drive you totally insane, he's Noah. So you've gotta love him.
I just can't describe him! He's.. He's a Noah!
by Springsteen December 24, 2012

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