A pimp that stacks mad cash and makes it rain on hoes while they make their booty clap. He's often clownin' dime piece bitches, smokin' some super chronic, and/or droppin' mad loot on designer shit(minimum of 25,000). And he is most likely fuckin' your mom and/or your sister. And your baby's momma always tryin' to tie him down, but she ain't nothing but a piece of ass to him. But you can't ever see him cuz there's too much money in the way....
Stripper Bitch: Did you see that Noah boy throwin' that money and smellin' like straight hydro?
by Atlantis Ruin October 16, 2014
Good looking average kind of guy at school you see him you can become friends straight away. He has heaps of besties, he's popular, especially with the girls they love him, they want to be with him. He just likes that girl with the sporty personality who is gorgeous and nice to everyone except the people Noah hates too. He is sporty, with that personality basketball!
"Oh my god did you see the new kid Noah"
"Yes he's so hot and good looking"
"I KNOW he plays basketball he is so my type"

"I saw him first so he's mine back off"
"No sorry he likes me :) "
by Nikey March 20, 2013
is a swag and funny kid who plays basketball,golf,tennis,and flag football he is the funniest kid you will ever meet
Noah avgs 69 point,30 assists,19 rebounds a game
by john wall 4 mvp January 08, 2013
Noah's are usually incredibly sweet. Sometimes, even spontaneously sweet. He usually likes the Iowa State Cyclones which make the people around him think he's gone completely crazy. He's a hard worker & the word "easy" isn't in his vocabulary. He knows how to treat a girl right because he's seen it displayed for him by his older siblings. He will do anything to make a girl happy. Even though, sometimes, he'll drive you totally insane, he's Noah. So you've gotta love him.
I just can't describe him! He's.. He's a Noah!
by Springsteen December 24, 2012
a kid with long brown hair and brown eyes. he plays the drums and is fascinated with two sports. he is a legit hockey player and can rape you in free running. straight up G from the south.
Yuh, thats muh Noah.
by NoahML February 27, 2010
A really nice guy who is super cute, is a total geek, and is really nice. All the girls want him but only the lucky ones can have him. He has that smile and does that nod thing that drives girls crazy. Basically Noah is like you combined almost everything awesome in the world and then added Daryl Dixon just to make him that awesome!
Noah: *smiles* what's up?
Me:* faints*
Friend:what happened
Me: I got noahed
by Nicolerazz16 January 20, 2015
Noah takes the best snap chats
I got the best snapchat from Noah today
by noahologist December 21, 2014

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