by Noohah July 10, 2013
is a swag and funny kid who plays basketball,golf,tennis,and flag football he is the funniest kid you will ever meet
Noah avgs 69 point,30 assists,19 rebounds a game
by john wall 4 mvp January 08, 2013
Noah's are usually incredibly sweet. Sometimes, even spontaneously sweet. He usually likes the Iowa State Cyclones which make the people around him think he's gone completely crazy. He's a hard worker & the word "easy" isn't in his vocabulary. He knows how to treat a girl right because he's seen it displayed for him by his older siblings. He will do anything to make a girl happy. Even though, sometimes, he'll drive you totally insane, he's Noah. So you've gotta love him.
I just can't describe him! He's.. He's a Noah!
by Springsteen December 24, 2012
a kid with long brown hair and brown eyes. he plays the drums and is fascinated with two sports. he is a legit hockey player and can rape you in free running. straight up G from the south.
Yuh, thats muh Noah.
by NoahML February 27, 2010
That guy.
Noah is that guy.
by PineappleJuice March 05, 2015
Someone who wears high top pumas and finds girls with braces highly attractive. He also enjoys self fellatio as well as touching himself at night.
That guy we met at the bar last night is such a Noah. His shoes really made it obvious
by JasontheBean January 03, 2015
Noah takes the best snap chats
I got the best snapchat from Noah today
by noahologist December 21, 2014

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