A sexy beast with amazing hair and a sweet personality. Likes football, basketball, and baseball. Loves all his friends and talks to anybody who is willing to listen. Noah isn't afraid of asking girls out or going for the older women. He's a pretty boy and he knows it. He doesn't take shit from no one and loves to be with friends.
Girl: Damn, he's hot!
Girl #2: That's Noah!
by hot77 October 23, 2013
A blonde haired, blue eyed perfection! He is the smartest guy in the world. Every girl that sees him falls instantly inlove with him and feels the need to go out with him.

He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is a fearless, Oreo loving, hipster.

He will, take you to the movies, give you his hoodie, kiss you when your upset, kiss you when your happy, kiss you anytime of the day, sing to you, make you breakfast, hold your hand in class, hold your hand when walking somewhere, hug you around the waist, sneak you a kiss inbetween class, tell you he loves you and mean it, hold you tight and not let go, give you post-it note letters on your school locker, whisper you cute things whilst hugging, if he doesn't, he isn't a real Noah.
Girl 1 - Woah who was that guy! He was perfection at its finest!
Girl 2 - Yeah that's my boyfriend. He's a total Noah

Girl 1 - Woah! Does he do all the Noah things?
Girl 2 - Yeah he does! He is perfection !
by Noah's girlfriend June 09, 2013
Noah is a somewhat overweight guy that causes everyone to pronounce his name by saying every syllable. He's also comedic at times, but only depending on the situation. Girls often like him, but he doesn't know it due to lack of self confidence.
girl 1: Hey its No-ah!
girl 2: No-ah!
guy: No-ah!
Noah : Oh hey guys...
by Uwould222 October 23, 2012
The kid with the giant dick. Everyone wants to be him or be with him. He can overpower any of his competitors. Generally good at sports. Noahs are the top species of the world. Compared to others Noahs are Gods. Noahs are born from a virgin mother just as Jesus was.
Dude that kid is amazing he must be a Noah.
by TheDefiner of UrbanTerminology January 22, 2015
A person that is talented, adorable, and sweet. Often musical.
Whoa, that guy is so cute, he must be a Noah.
by pseudonym g December 19, 2014
The most amazing, funny, cute, relatable, and overall understanding guy you will ever meet.
omg, your such a noah!
by ScorpionCrud December 13, 2014
Noah is the definition of perfection! Hes lovable, cute, amazing and funny. You want to be his friend! When you become friends with him you'll never want to let him go.
"Is that Noah"
"I can tell hes perfect"
by G4MEZOVER November 13, 2014

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