is a swag and funny kid who plays basketball,golf,tennis,and flag football he is the funniest kid you will ever meet
Noah avgs 69 point,30 assists,19 rebounds a game
by john wall 4 mvp January 08, 2013
A guy who is secretley a terrorist with a pedophile mustache and constantly masturbates to camel porn. He enjoys blowing stuff up including his girlfriend. He also one time stuck a piece of dynamite up his ass to get off.
"Dude I just saw Noah!"

"That Terrorist creep! Ewwww!"
by Charlesbronson November 09, 2012
The kid with the giant dick. Everyone wants to be him or be with him. He can overpower any of his competitors. Generally good at sports. Noahs are the top species of the world. Compared to others Noahs are Gods. Noahs are born from a virgin mother just as Jesus was.
Dude that kid is amazing he must be a Noah.
by TheDefiner of UrbanTerminology January 22, 2015
Someone who wears high top pumas and finds girls with braces highly attractive. He also enjoys self fellatio as well as touching himself at night.
That guy we met at the bar last night is such a Noah. His shoes really made it obvious
by JasontheBean January 03, 2015
Noah mean that when you say no but you add ah at the end so it sound right
"Are you ready Elizabeth?"asked mom,NOAH!,Said Elizabeth
by Nikki Williams October 08, 2014
One hell of a badass who built an ark
Guy 1- "Looks like its gonna rain..."
Guy 2- "Call Noah!!!"
by that1kidnoah March 06, 2014
Noah's are the most amazing people you will ever meet. They are sweet, caring, and will do anything to make you smile. They tend to be very sensitive, but have a very romantic side. They are AMAZING in bed and can easily pick up women due to their incredible looks and stunning blue eyes. Noah's always have a great sense in music and are wonderful musicians. They are also very smart and will always help you if you're having trouble. If you ever happen to get lucky enough to date a Noah, don't ever let him go. He will treat you like a queen and will never leave you. He will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to you.
1. Friend #1: I met this amazing guy the other day and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him.
Friend #2: Lol, he was a Noah wasn't he?
2. Gahh, that was the greatest sex ever! I'm glad I let you try anal, Noah.
3. Have you ever just wanted to scream out "Noah" while masturbating?
by maddieissocoollike January 02, 2014

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