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pertaining to a niggarious situation

1. Tyrone: I just had some popeyes and some watermelon and washed it all down with some purple drank

Clayton Bigsby: Ohh the niggarity

2. Jamal: I couldn't pay my rent last week, and i dropped out of school, but I'm gonna make the NBA so it's all good son.

White man: The niggarity of your situation is unbelievable
by Zorba_AB March 15, 2009
The act of being overly ignorant. Or in other words; the act of being a straight up nigga.
A young couple going out to an up scale restaurant:

Waiter: What will you all be having this evening.?

Girl: I think I'll have the lobster tails and Caesar salad.

Guy: Damn son I can't read nothing on this menu, bruh! What's this green goopy shit right here?

Waiter: That would be spinach artichoke dip, sir.

Guy: What the f*** is an artichoke?! Man, ya'll ain't got no damn burgers or nothing?!

Girl:(to the waiter) Oh my goodness, please excuse him sir, his niggarity is showing, full force, tonight.
by Kyd Dynomite February 09, 2010

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