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A condition where black people must sleep immediately after eating.
"That fried chicken was so good it's making me tired. I can feel my niggaritis kicking in right now....."
by Dionysia June 08, 2005
A term used for the lazy sleepy feeling you get after you eat too much good food.
I'm sleepy after that second plate of macaroni and cheese. I think I got niggaritis.
by DonDonna January 12, 2008
(Black people) getting tired a little while after or because of eating.
I eat so much just now that I'm getting niggaritis dred
by Shai-at August 09, 2006
1. Lazy
2. Tired
3. The fear of working or doing anything
When the unemployment office called his house and had a job for him, he replied " I can't go to work because my Dr. just diagnosed me with NIGGARITIS."

"Yo bro, I don't feel like doing shit, I've got NIGGARITIS".
by Murderinc May 31, 2009
wen u eat or do somethin very simple yet your tired
man i ate a sandwich now i got niggaritis
by lilnini December 22, 2007
Any physical condition stemming from consuming lots of malt liquor or bum wine, particularly a nasty hangover, a giant ass, or swollen lips.
I don't think I can play basketball today, I have a bad case of Niggaritis and I just need to lay down and take some Advil
by D.Faggins June 10, 2007
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