A mysterious creature that can neither shower nor speak proper english. Even though it lacks the male genatailia the Nick is some how able to masturbate during math classes. This creature is often seen wearing a red coat, sadly it is only able to shed this coat every 4-5 years. It is often wondered how the Nick will carry on offspring as no female would ever mate with it. The Nicks obsession with childrens games such as Pokemon suggests it will become a child molester in its adulthood. No further data.
Example 1
Teacher: John why are there cum stains all over your math test?
John: uh...um...I just couldnt hold it in
Teacher: John you are such a nick

Example 2
kid 1:Did you see the way that kid blew his load all over the classroom?
kid 2: Yea I did, God what a Nick
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by The Masturnator August 31, 2008
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the most amazing person alive with a huge penis
Nick p. has a huge penis
#nick #nickp #penis #huge #animal
by Nickppp January 10, 2008
the hottest, sexiest man you will ever meet. usually has a very large penis, makes a really good boyfriend and is alwyas condfident about himself. can kick almost anyones ass and is quite a gentleman. always get with a nick, you will alwyas be pleased.
"man that guy guy was so good last night, he had such a big dick."
"must have been a NIck"
#penis #sexy #manly #pleasing #hot body
by jackolynnn782 December 28, 2008
A big guy with a big heart. Guys are jealous of him. Girls don't get him. Actually, nobody really gets him. That's because Nick doesn't try to be anybody - he's just Nick.

If you don't like Nick, you just don't know him well enough yet. If you hate Nick, he doesn't care. He knows that's your problem, not his.

He will be there for his friends, come hell or high water. He will even be there for some of his enemies. That's just the kind of guy he is.
Person 1: That Nick guy is strange.

Person 2: He's not strange, he's just comfortable with being himself. Get to know him - you'll like him. Trust me.
#nicholas #nicholaas #nick #nickie #nikk
by exintrovert August 01, 2009
The most incredible person in the world that will make your heart beat fast, your knees go weak, and a smile spread across your face every time he talks to you. The greatest person to talk to at 3:30 a.m about anything and everything.. Or simply nothing at all. The one you can trust to make you happy and the one you wish you could make the happiest guy in the world. The one you want to hold you every night and the one you want to kiss you awake every morning. The one that drives you crazy and the one that keeps you sane. The one that makes you fall deeper in love every day and the one that just loves you back. The one that you see in your dreams and the one that wants to make your dreams come true. The one that is perfect in your eyes and the one that you wish could see in the mirror just what you see in him. The one that lets you ramble on and on about absolutely nothing and the one that wouldn't have it any other way. The one you love with all of your heart and the one that means everything to you.
The one that you could go on about for days and still not do him justice.

The one that is indescribable.

"The One".

The one that I love.
Girl: Wowzerz he's amazing..

Boy: Whatever..

Girl: You're just jealous.

Boy: Am not.

Girl: Its okay... You have every reason to be jealous.... That's Nick.
#nick #amazing #incredible #indescribable #the one #perfect
by ToriOrio June 12, 2009
A male who's really shy, but once you get to know him he comes out of his shell and is really funny. He doesn't talk much until you get to know him.
He's cute, funny, nice, and sweet, but those are only a few of his great characteristics.
He makes a wonderful boyfriend and any girl is lucky of have him.
"Wow look at him... he's really good looking, but he doesn't talk much."
"Well what do you expect, he's a Nick!"
#sexy #funny #nice #sweet #caring #wonderful #shy
by MD_InTraining April 25, 2009
a guy with the biggest heart of any person ive ever seen. Hes cute and funny and knows how to say and do everything perfect. He can make my life amazing. his smile can turn a really bad day instantly better. and also great kisser, and i love him:)
dude hes awesome. yeaa hes nick.
#amazing #cute #love #funny #smile #perfect
by E6 November 20, 2010
Very shy at first but a sweetie if you approach him first.
Has the cutest facial expressions and a heart-stopping smile. Usually walks with hands in his pokets and has an eye catching stride. Musically talented. Mind blowing body- sex god, symbolizes perfection. Tends to be a heartbreker, be careful ladies! Can't always make the right decisions, but knows right from wrong. to die for personality. first love never dies
#love #nick #first #personality #music
by Luv2write April 19, 2010
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