Unlike any other guy. Freaking hilarious; loves to make others laugh and is good at it. Sweet. Cute. Looks incredibly hot in jeans. Nice hair. Isn't afraid to show his emotions. Sometimes teased by other guys; gets along better with girls. Is often mistaken for being gay. Seems shy until you get to know him. Loved by anyone with a functioning brain. Most amazing person ever.
I love Nick!!
I know, he's soooo awesome!
by Flying Pig in the Moonlight February 04, 2010
to steal something steal
"sorry, I nicked your seat"
by James Milne December 21, 2003
most awsome person to ever lived on the planet. (which is earth)
i sware god is nick
by alex wakefield September 17, 2008
a common misunderstood person, that doesnt give a second thought to just about anything and acts on impulse 98% of the time
girl: wow he talked behind my back

girl2: omg did he really?


girl2: wow hes such a nick
by nick s. FFS WORK DAMN U October 11, 2007
The act of being the best, at everything.
Wow, he is really good at everything!...He must be a Nick. Nick rules!
by megaawsomecoolguy February 17, 2009
Why are you looking up his name dumbass you know he's gangster.
"Damn stay the fuck out his way, Nick packin"
by Damob47 January 18, 2009
The most amazing guy on the planet; whom walks with brown hair the blows with the wind and has the most attractive laugh. And if you've ever seen his smile...well you're a lucky one cause man its beautiful! When he cracks one of his jokes you cant stop yourself from laughing, due to the fact his jokes are the funniest. You might say he's one of those guys you just want to watch the stars with forever. :)
OMFG did you see him? He's the most gorgeous Nick I've ever seen!
by SoftballerChels22 April 28, 2009

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