meaning "Victory of the people" from Origin Greek.
But mostly one if the most amazing guys you will ever meet. The sweetest,most kind, and also most understanding. Shy, but strong. Even when everythings falling down, hes the one whos left standing. Any task you give him, he can overcome it.
Nick will never fail you
by ede115 October 08, 2009
Amazing boy that has an amazing girlfriend. He has the utmost respect for her and would go to the ends of the earth for her. While his girlfriend may not like it, he likes to surprise her, but tells her he is going to surprise her which only leads to infuriate her. Even though his girlfriend believes he doesn't listen to her, he does. He is quite hairy but in a manly good way. He may be a loner, but it's what suits him. He's cute, and is often overly critical of himself. Often times he engages in the use of big words that are unintelligible to those around him. He is a big procrastinator that likes to plan ahead. He especially loves to stay up late at night and into the morning simply because he doesn't like to sleep.
Girlfriend to Boyfriend: Gosh your so stupid! Why can't you be more like that nick! At least he's interesting!

Girl 1: I wish me and dylan could be more like that nick and his girlfriend, their such a great couple. And he's so cute and interesting too, and I especially love his manliness.
Girl 2: I know, I wish I had a Nick!
by johnnybaker769 November 21, 2010
One of a kind. Pretttttty neat person
But slightly annoying, well not really, but kind of.
There's this cool kid in my health class named Nick
by Kay!Gee November 27, 2007
man with massive penis and is the geatest man alive who can get any woman he wants. Its uncaning how cool this man is.As he walks down the street girls panties start to sob.He is a master at guitar.Did i forget to tell you he can fly and has his own theme song.He can beat up any foe in the univerise including chuck noris.he rides on a flying unicorn that shoots lazers from his eyes at night.
bob:i just saw nick and it was so awsome i exploded
by sdfghh June 21, 2010
The man with the best smile in the world. He is sexy without any effort and merely thinking about him will make you very horny.
If you have a Nick as a boyfriend or a husband then you are extremely lucky as he is also very sweet. Your friends may not understand what you see in him, but they are simply blind.

If you are a Nick then you are a lucky fellow. You have enough confidence to negate all of your flaws if you have any. You do not need to be tall, dark and handsome in the traditional sense to be intensely attractive. Never question the power.
My boyfriend is a Nick
by nightmare15 January 01, 2011
hot, sexy, very good looking guy; a very attractive male
that guy mike is so nick it's not even funny.
by randomness_chickas April 03, 2010
a man with great power over most people he can influence people to do what he wants he is trust worthy loyal sexy and everyone loves him girls want him and guys want to be him he has great ambitions and loves people of all ages cultures race and will not judge you for what you do but for who you want to become he gets hurt often and has a great heart treat him with respect he deserves that much from you
i wish i were like nick
by teddybear180 March 21, 2010
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