1. worlds greatest name for the worlds greatest guys!!!usually are quiet and fun and everyone loves them.

2. they are amazing at swimming and normally kick ass at it!!
1. That guy is was the nicest man ever! I wonder if he was dating anyone? - Oh! His name must have been Nick!

2. That was the fastest swimmer I've ever seen! Yep, I should have known his name was Nick!
by stingray-kobe February 07, 2010
A boy who is very caring.
Loves and respects his girlfriend.
A boy who is faithful.
And a boy who deserves any girl he desires.
My boyfriend is amazing.
He's name has got to be Nick then.
by Shaantelyo August 01, 2010
Slang (mainly Brit.)

1) A police station

2) Jail or Prison

3) To steal
1) I spent last night in the cells at the nick

2) Wansworth nick

3) I nicked a mercedes.
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
A sexy dude always has girls draped on him. A girl magnet!
an gentelman who will kick anyones ass for the right girl.
girl 1-look at nick
girl 2-he is sooooo hot!
girl 3-hey nick
nick- hey sexy.want to go to the movies
girl 3- yeah
nick-after we'll go to my house
girl 1- lucky you're so getting nicked tonight
by fammie February 27, 2010

An irresistible woman's man who seduces women with his charm, gorgeous long hair and more notably with his extraordinarily handsome yet bestial looks. This beast-like man is the envy of all other men and the desire of all women and lives solely for hedonistic pleasure only. Despite his manly shell, he is the sweetest most badass ever to live. He is drummer; super dad; cuddle god; chef; epitome of sexy. Although he claims to be a lover of legit fresh spinach salad, he really goes for his mixed greens... Some contest he is a player but you'll just have to find out for yourself.
"Oh my gosh me and Nick totally went crazy last night! I swear I must've orgasmed twice."

reality: he gave her a Nick kiss.
by mohtek April 11, 2010
The most amazing person this world has ever been blessed with. He will make your heartbeat fast with an "i love you" and make you weak in the knees with a kiss. He will make you feel like the most important person in his life, and make you feel like you're the only one he wants. He is everything every girl could ever want. He has a wonderful personality, and a great sense of humor to go with it. He always knows the perfect thing to say in any situation.

His hugs are the best! They make you feel so safe, and warm like nothing in the world could ever hurt you. He knows how to make you feel wanted, and loved at anytime of the day.

He is perfect in every sense of the word.

Don't ever let him go, and if you do you'll know its a mistake right away.

Nick is someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, not just a few months. Any time you get to spend with him you should enjoy every minute of it, whether it be playing video games, cooking, or having to run to the store, you should love every single second.

He IS incredible.
MY Nick is beyond amazing!
by nittss805 August 10, 2011
The most amazing, loveable, heart-warming guy a girl could ever have. Has the bluest eyes that can make your heart melt. He is very quiet at times, but extremely sociable around his friends. He is athletic, smart, and exceptionally gorgeous. He knows how to kick butt on Halo, Call of Duty, and many other video games on his x-box. Definitely going to be successful in the future and he will marry a girl who has some asian blood within her. All around good guy. Very laid back and will one day achieve bro-ness. Has the cutest laugh and wonderful smile. Also huggable; VERY huggable. He has his silly moments that puts a smile on people's faces. #1 cuddler too. He's excellent at making large snowman!
What? Nick? You have one?! I'm so jealous!
by AngelinaPookie November 21, 2010

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