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Bag of weed costing $5. Short for "Nickel".
We had a dime last night, but we smoked it down to a nick.
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
4854 4372
A business man, who likes to get down and dirty with his girlfriend on his desk all night, so that the neighbours hear.
Kyle: Did you hear Nick and his Girlfriend last night?

Jason: Yeah! They kept banging on my wall for hours!!
by Jacobtwotwo January 15, 2008
3265 2817
An incredibly good-looking guy with a great smile and an even better personality completed by the best sense of humour imaginable. Just, don't go near them while their football team is losing.
You should get to know your Nick because chances are, you'll fall for him the way I fell for mine.
'Who's that person throwing bottles around?'
'Oh, that's my Nick.'
'Sydney's losing...'
by the girlfriend? March 29, 2009
1000 582
to sleep with any girl that comes your way, regardless of looks...cause hey, you wanna fuck, she's there, and you're drunk enough to do it.
guy 1: Did you take that random chick home with you last night?

guy 2: Fuck yeah, I nicked her!
by Shtick July 22, 2006
4238 3828
Nick is the most amazing guy. He is extremely attractive but modest. Very popular but still friendly. He is very stylish and humble at the same time. Nick cares about his friends and adores his family and is quite protective about the ones he loves. He is always there for those who need him..friend or no friend. He likes to be around the ladies and they all adore him. Nick is a wonderful son, an amazing brother, a loyal friend and the perfect lover...if Nick loves you then nothing else really matters...
by Sabbreenah March 31, 2010
667 270
The best and most amazing guy in the whole world. I dont know what i would do without him... he means so much to me. We've been thru our ups and downs, and our arguments, but the most importanat part is we got thru it all. The most caring, kind, amazing, romatic, sweet, person in the world. He is truly the only guy i wanna spend the rest of my life with.
And i love him dearly.
Oh,Nick he is amazing. =)
by Brooke Feilds May 02, 2008
1335 961
the name of a guy who you could puke in his car and he'd be cool with it.
Steve- dudeee Nick, I just hurled in your car, sorry

Nick- naw dude, it's cool.
by [MC] [JordanD] July 10, 2008
671 311