1. Any person who is winning an argument with a liberal

2. Catch all term used by liberals when they think they've been using Nazi too much.

3. A common element found in conspiracy theories.
1. Conservative: Al Sharpton is not a nice man, he's played a big part in instigating racial violence, and many of his statements are anti-Semitic
Liberal: You neocon bastards hate black people.

2. Conservative: Free speech is important in all situations even when it offends people.
Liberal: You're just a Nazi.
Conservative: In fact offensive speech sometimes is necessary, the Declaration of Independence may have been offensive to King George
Liberal: Shut up you Nazi
Conservative: Can you argue by doing something other than calling me a Nazi?
Liberal: shut up you necon

3. Bush and the Neo-cons caused 9-11
by Graham P Shaw April 21, 2007
1. Word used to describe anyone advocating anything short of outright appeasement of tyranny.

2. The boogey man in liberals' campfire scary stories.

3. Word used by the Old Left to describe the JOOOOS!
He's a neocon Republikkkan!

The neocons are establishing a(n) theocracy/police state/America that can actually defend itself!

We should be tolerant of all peop... Is that a neocon?! FASCIST!
by Chase December 29, 2004

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