Abbreviated version of Neo-Conservative. Neo-Con's represent the new face of the Republican party, and the PNAC/Zionist philosophy of premptive military action as a viable option to ensure Zionist Hegemony, particularly in the middle-east. Neo-Con's differ from Traditional Conservatives, in that their roots are in the left of the political spectrum. Former Trotskyites, who became disillusioned with the political left and joined the Republican Party during the 1980's. Neo-Con's also differ from traditional conservatives in that they favor big government and Internationalism] as opposed to states rights,Isolationism and Protectionism. Neo-Con's are almost entirely pro Israel, anti Palestinian and often hold dual citizenship with both the United States and Israel.
Paul Wolfowitz is the perfect example of a Neo-Con. He holds dual citizenship with both the US and Israel, and helped to author the pre-emptive wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
by Liberator March 17, 2006
Neocons are all imbecilic, aging, wheezing syphilitic pathological creeps, dirty old men that smoke Cuban cigars and go on child sex slave vacations in third world nations while on oxycontin between snorting viagra and having secret affairs with gay sex workers. When they're not spouting homophobic bullshit or writing breathlessly idiotic, fact free columns in major newspapers, clinking crystal tumblers brimming with $38,000 a bottle bourbon with the Skull and Bones / AEI classmates at grand elite socials, getting drunk and shooting people in the face, brazenly granting trillion dollar contracts to their former companies, raping teenaged boys in Texas Prisons, chronically sexually harrassing their female employees, putting on diapers and paying dominatrixes to indulge their banal submissive fantasies: they're out doing what they do best: ravaging the life savings of thousands of people and committing genocide. All this while being ardently fawned over by the liberal media. These revolting sub-human colostomatic shitbags of filth and perversion should all be in GITMO right now receiving sex changes from Cuban doctors, only to spend the rest of their lives as a drag show touring Iran & Afghanistan.
That neocon needs a new think tank gig!
by Tim65 October 27, 2008
neo con stands for Neo-Conservative, or "new" conservative. It represents the current Republican party in the US. People, like GW Bush, who call themselves neo cons believe that God almighty has made the USA the most powerful and wealthiest nation on Earth so that the USA can lead the rest of the world. They also believe that the USA has the right to stick its nose into any foreign locale to right what they see as wrongs.

This is similar to the insane notion of "Manifest Destiny," which was believed by most, if not all, Americans in the 19th Century. Manifest Destiny is the belief that, yes, God wanted the entire continent of North America, or at least the good parts, to belong to one country under the control of the United States of America. This ludicrous justification was what drove Americans to conquer the West and genocide over 10 million indigenous people. This fantasy is still taught as fact in US schools to every 3rd grader, but they mostly skip the part about the genocide and focus on how God chose the USA to tame the West.
George W is a neo con.
by HKman April 29, 2008
A traitor. Neocons believe in forcibly seizing the livelihood of Americans, under threat of abduction and imprisonment by the IRS, and the transfer of said earnings to foreigners, for instance, residents of the fanatically Islamic anti-American terror-state of Iraq—a nation in which more than 85% of the general public supported 9/11.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” –The Constitution

The Iraqi general public are enemies (and hate Americans so much they want us to die in a fire - polls show more than 85% of Iraqis supported the 9/11 attacks). Giving aid and comfort to enemies constitutes treason as clearly defined by the Constitution. Without exaggeration, neocons, that believe in theft of American livelihoods, and the subsequent spending of said earnings on elections, public services, building schools etc. for our enemies (the Iraqis), are traitors and should be executed as such.
Anyone that supported the Iraq invasion for reasons other than homeland security is a Neocon and an international communist traitor that ought to be dragged out into the street and shot in the head, and dumped far enough out-to-sea that his or her treasonous commie remains don’t wash-up on American shores in any recognizable form.
by frick1 March 29, 2010
A self-hating international communist. Neocons found it more convenient to hijack a conservative party because their message of socialized militarism didn’t sit well with the liberal Left.
A Neocon is a self-hating communist in denial.
by frick11 February 24, 2010
Anyone that believes in governance by the “noble lie” and the delusion of safety through global control.
Only criminally retarded Fox News viewers think Neo-Cons are really conservative.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
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