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Liberal: 'To stop international terrorism we need to work with other countries and foster a spirit of peace and understanding between different cultures and ideology. We should stop burning up our finite resources and use a little of our vast wealth to aid the third world'.

George W. 'cocaine rush; ooops i've knackered the oil company; praise jesus i'm saved; god bless America' Bush Jr
by Thegasman April 11, 2005
A new con introduced when people stop falling for the old con.
Republican 1: George Bush? But that old liar is completely unelectable!

Republican 2: No, this is his son, George "W" Bush.

Republican 1: A neocon! You think they'll fall for it?

Republican 2: Like Dick Cheney's hunting partner.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011
A liberal pretending to be a Republican.
A Neocon is more liberal then you think.
by J.Scott March 13, 2008
That "new" form of conservatism based in both bozoprenic and bozoleptic behaviors.
Neocons at root evidence bozoid tendencies that manifest themselves in confusion, negativity, and, in the case of neocon rule in government, repression and death.
by Racque Reason February 19, 2009
1. What Barack Obama fails at pretending not to be.

2. A person who attempts to destroy a country by driving its economy into the ground through war mongering and constant spending

3. A President who should be shot for treason for not listening to the people.
bob: Man even Dubbua wasn't such a neocon like Obama

Rob: Yeah, Obama should be hung for treason for being such a neocon!
by Vampire847 August 28, 2010
A fascist disguised as a conservative.
Ned: George W. Bush was an OK Conservative President
Stan: Ummm, He was a neocon, not a conservative
Ned: Aren't Neocons conservatives?
Stan: No, Neocons are just totalitarian fascists who pretend to be conservative.
Ned: Yeah, Stan, good point.
by Fuckhead Farley November 04, 2013
1. A new "con", or "confidence trick", intended to deceive or rob innocent people.
2. Any person who uses such tricks.
3. A digital Matrix effective at duping Neo.
A: My father used to bamboozle us all with big words. But I learnt to blind my kids with science. Now my son baffles his kids with statistics.

B: That's so last week! The neo-con blind-sides the digiterati with vitriolic tweets and a blog about success backed by his YouTube degrees.
by yuyiya November 26, 2011