Liberal: 'To stop international terrorism we need to work with other countries and foster a spirit of peace and understanding between different cultures and ideology. We should stop burning up our finite resources and use a little of our vast wealth to aid the third world'.

George W. 'cocaine rush; ooops i've knackered the oil company; praise jesus i'm saved; god bless America' Bush Jr
by Thegasman April 11, 2005
A new con introduced when people stop falling for the old con.
Republican 1: George Bush? But that old liar is completely unelectable!

Republican 2: No, this is his son, George "W" Bush.

Republican 1: A neocon! You think they'll fall for it?

Republican 2: Like Dick Cheney's hunting partner.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011
One who hasn't served, political hypocrite, draft dodger, One who votes to send other people's sons to war
Dick Cheney, neocon célebre never served his country but was well served by the war he created.
by TommyStub December 26, 2014
In the examples about Neocons in this article I don't see Democrats, as the term Neocon applies to them as well. The hate for Russia in the USA is nothing which started in the early 1960s as the article points out and as well as other articles I have read. The hate for Russia has been in the minds of the US politicians and ordinary people since before the 1917 Russian revolution to debunk the Czars which as in any Anarchy or totalitarian government were abusing the serves or ordinary people. People have forgotten the hate for Russia and communism that took place in the US in the early 1930s culminating in the prosecution of people in the US, whom had communist ideas or Russia’s sympathizers and so the "Hollywood Black List" became into existence which John Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 1924-1972, originated. Neocons have always existed in the US regardless if in government or/and ordinary people.
Most neocons argue that the current crisis in Iraq is all Obama's fault for pulling US troops out of the country.
by Cicuta November 04, 2015
A fascist disguised as a conservative.
Ned: George W. Bush was an OK Conservative President
Stan: Ummm, He was a neocon, not a conservative
Ned: Aren't Neocons conservatives?
Stan: No, Neocons are just totalitarian fascists who pretend to be conservative.
Ned: Yeah, Stan, good point.
by Fuckhead Farley November 04, 2013
That "new" form of conservatism based in both bozoprenic and bozoleptic behaviors.
Neocons at root evidence bozoid tendencies that manifest themselves in confusion, negativity, and, in the case of neocon rule in government, repression and death.
by Racque Reason February 19, 2009
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