1. A new "con", or "confidence trick", intended to deceive or rob innocent people.
2. Any person who uses such tricks.
3. A digital Matrix effective at duping Neo.
A: My father used to bamboozle us all with big words. But I learnt to blind my kids with science. Now my son baffles his kids with statistics.

B: That's so last week! The neo-con blind-sides the digiterati with vitriolic tweets and a blog about success backed by his YouTube degrees.
by yuyiya November 26, 2011
1. What Barack Obama fails at pretending not to be.

2. A person who attempts to destroy a country by driving its economy into the ground through war mongering and constant spending

3. A President who should be shot for treason for not listening to the people.
bob: Man even Dubbua wasn't such a neocon like Obama

Rob: Yeah, Obama should be hung for treason for being such a neocon!
by Vampire847 August 28, 2010
The radical fundamentalist liberalism wing of the Republican party that implements the globalization goals of the radical fundamentalist liberalism of the far illuminist luciferian left.
A neo-con is a word that the luciferian left madeup for you to spew your vitriol at.
by I am not September 13, 2006
Lying to someone you don't care about. The act of being a sociopath in general.
Sara: (sobbing) You lied to me! I should have known you just wanted to fuck me!
Tad: (under his breath) Oh, Travis, man, you neoconned that bitch good!
by Gino Licata June 15, 2007
Neocons: A fabricated politico group that according to the most liberal of left wing ideologists; Bound and determined to make you believe that GOD should be in every aspect of ones life, that Big Business is second only to GOD, that government should know everything you're doing and if it doesn't jive with Big Business or GOD then it's illegal. Neocons believe that anything enjoyable is sin, sex is meant for pro-creation, not pleasure, any and all drugs are bad mkay.
The neocon epithet is tossed around much like a racial slur however it does not single out race. "anyone" can be a neocon. It only has one simple requirement. Disagree with anything from the left, especially the most socialist left wing of the democratic party, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, etc.

To a radical left winger disagreeing with any of the statements of the aforementioned individuals ipso facto means that you are not "thinking for yourself" and thereby a sheep to the right. If you question anything from the extreme left, then you are "stupid" "retarded" a "follower"

So in order to be a "free thinker" and not a "neocon" you must and shall obey every request made to you by the democratic party. Never question any appearance of impropriety, and automatically write it off as neocon propaganda. Because to question the mighty and tenacious "D" is not "American" and not "Patriotic" All energies must be applied to questioning and accusing the evil "R" while ignoring the other party altogether. This is what is expected. No exceptions.
Anyone who disagrees with the radical left is a "Neocon"
by Voodguru August 03, 2009
1.People that may differ on social political issues such as welfare but agree that the United States should protect its self interests by any means necessary: diplomacy, assassination, encouraging pro-democracy rebels, war. They can be democrats or republicans and so may differ widely on domestic issues. The label can be used retrospectively as it is a new definition of a previously undefined philosophy.
2.A label people inaccurately use to describe conservatives they don't like. Usually the people that use the label incorrectly also believe in other things like UFO's or that the US attacked itself on 9/11 or that all rich people are evil.
1. Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy were neo cons.

2. Neo cons did 9/11 lol smoke a blunt.
by jcj77 July 10, 2008
A combination of "Neo"(new) and "Con"(conservative).

"Neocon" is the term for both a new and old (reborn) form of Conservativism. A break from the Reublican party and return to more traditional Conservative values. This represents a fracturing of the Right. Neocons tend to be young, idealistic, and even dogmatic activists. They tend to have above-average intelligence and education. They are very similar to the movements of the 1960s, but with different core values. They are both pessimistic about the current system, and optimistic about the difference they can make.

It is difficult to lock Neocons down to a specific set of values, because they come from a wide variety of backgrounds (including minorities and gays) and have a wide variance in their ideals. Overall, Neocons are pro-life and support the death penalty. Many neocons are religious or "spiritual" in one way or another. They are not necessarily Christian, although that is the religion to which most of them subscribe. Neocons preach tolerance and coexistence without political correctness. They tend to strongly support both the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution. Neocons support Capitalism, but view being beholden to corporate interests with great distaste. And while compromise is a necessary evil in politics, when in doubt, neocons will stick to their guns. Too much compromise is the hallmark of selling out. They believe that the current political process has become so corrupt that no politician can get anywhere without selling out to various interests.

Neocons view the increasingly centrist philosophy of Republican politicians with the same distaste that their radically Liberal opponents feel for the Democrats. Both of the Big Two parties have been migrating towards the center for some time now, leaving behind many on either side. This is manifested by the power wielded by third-party candidates, which was decisive in determining the outcomes of the 1992, 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. (And resulting in much backbiting on either the Left or the Right afterwards)

This is a new age in American politics. The rise of neoconservativism was one of the more unforseen and underestimated political developments in the last two decades. With similar fracturing on the Liberal side of the political divide, the power-hold of the Big Two parties (Republican and Democrat) is being shaken, and voting for a third-party candidate no longer means you are just "throwing your vote away." The future may be a very interesting time for all of us, Liberal or Conservative.
“The neo-conservatism of the 1980s is a replay of the New Conservatism of the 1950s, which was itself a replay of the New Era philosophy of the 1920s” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
by Heptarch July 05, 2005
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