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Does not mean anything, and can mean almost anything. Works as noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, whatever.
Karta Kartared Karta.
I love Karta.
Did you Karta him?
Karta you!
by psod.net April 26, 2004
One of the most complicated way to make a computer program. The developer keeps arguing that psod is an effective 'language' but it really isn't a language because he stole it from some others.

It's widely accepted that people who use any computer language fluently don't need to use psod. But the developer says everyone needs it, anyways.
You are using PSOD? Who are you?

I threw my computer out the window because PSOD kept crashing on me.

Who made PSOD?
by psod.net April 21, 2004
One of many phrases that Bob The Builder uses every day.
Fuck Neocons!!!

... I Mean FUCK NEOCONS!!!!
... and I mean Fuck 'em!!!
by psod.net April 26, 2004

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