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4 definitions by Scooterpie

The best hardcore band ever, at least to Scott and Jimmy. Fronted by the birdman Mike Ski, their Twist of Cain cover is priceless.
Dudeman, the Keeper is touring with Disembodied. We're there.
by Scooterpie April 30, 2005
a girl dumb enough to mosh with guys so big that they will break her neck. Also a term for a girl who gets 18+ shows shut down in your town.
Strife is coming to town and we were all going, but Neck ruined everything.
by Scooterpie April 30, 2005
getting screwed over. also known as the act of moving 1800 miles and having your best friend turn his back on you for neck.
damn bro, you came all the way to boston from florida. so sorry to hear that you got jb'd.
by Scooterpie April 30, 2005
probably the most overrated band in metal today. loved by new-schoolers worldwide.
"hey man, want to go and see Converge next weekend?" "hell no brah. i'm going to Tampa to see Disembodied, Ascension, Overcast, and Bloodlet. You should come."
by Scooterpie April 30, 2005