Simplified for the Suburban Community A game originated and played by African American students in Western New York. It was originally called "Gimme Mines!" for several years. The game is played buy if someone says does something that the other person feels is stupid or is proven wrong that person slides their hand horizontally down their neck after calling out necks if the person that is about to get "necked" can call out self serve (d) declaring that you cant neck them. But the person giving necks can call out family pack (which means everybody around or present of the stupidity can get necks), hardiez (which means they can slide theyre hand hard across the back of theyre neck, but if the person being necked calls out softies before the person dishin' out the necks cannot be necked hard, Blitz (beats selfs serves even if its called out), and last but not least now and laters which means if you are on the phone with that person when they say something stupid, or you prove that person wrong, or you see that person doing something wrong and you simply dont feel like "necking" them you can get them now or later. Did I Cover Everything???
Javon: Yo Dashawnnn lil' Daryll only shot two 3 pointerz $o he aint gaht 6 points!

Dashawn: NECKS! BLITZ (no self serves)! FAMILY PACK! HARDIES! nigga dat def necks if he shot two three pointerz he have 6 POINTS!
by RAN D November 15, 2010
Celtic Punk band from 'County Holloway', North London. Led by former member of Shane MacGowan's group 'The Popes' Leeson O'Keeffe. Albums include 'Necked' and 'Sod 'em and Begorrah'.
I saw Neck in Brighton the other day.
by anonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn February 21, 2008
to slap some one in the back of thier neck hard after they say somthing madd dumb.
ru serious...u deserve a neck..SLLAAAPP!
by ryan March 30, 2005
the act of slapping someone's neck when they say or do something below their intelligence level.
in italy
Jamie: dude i just realized, it is my fifth night in france and i haven't even eaten french fries yet
Nick: Dude, that is such a neck!
by cros oremor March 04, 2009
n. derogatory- redneck; cracker; poor white trash;
i cant tolerate these fucking necks!!
by aimoner March 21, 2007
Something thats stupid or doesnt make sense.
Person 1: I'm painting a picture of a green apple but I need to go to the store and buy purple paint.

Person 2: Why would you need purple paint to paint a green apple. That's a neck.
by bello_misterioso February 03, 2007
the act of using two fingers and swapping them hard across the neck of yourself or someone else because they said a ridiculous answer.
We gave John a neck for saying that fishes are mammals
by youshouldgiveoutnecks January 23, 2012

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