Another way to say nothing.

Popularized by Notorious BIG's stretching the way you pronounce nothing in 'One More Chance' in order to create a rhyme....

"Those the ones I like cause they don't get nathan But penetration, unless it smells like sanitation."

Nathaniel is also another acceptable term for Nathan.
I sat in front of my desk for eight hours at work today but did absolutely nathan.

I went back to that chick's place after the party but ended up getting nathan, not laid, no dome, no hj... just straight NATHANIEL!
#nate #nothing #penetration #biggie #nathaniel
by nathanieldogs July 07, 2011
A man who is often considered a god to woman, a real gentleman playa-pimp who knows who how to pull the woman in so hard they get dick whiplash
Oh FAWK. did you see how quick Nathan fucked those 4 bitches from the club the other night.
#nathan #god #jesus #legend #porn #skeet
by Tamika Wilson March 27, 2008
A sweet, caring, funny man. Nathan is full of surprises. He is always unpredictable, but will come back to the one he wants to be with. He is not very artistic, but has a very abstract way of thinking. Nathans are know to describe flavors with shapes. If you have one of these men, do not let them go, it will be a mistake. Nathans are a catch, once you get one, they are yours and you are theirs. Much like cats, nathans love cuddling. Cuddling, procrastinating, and napping, are a few of their favorite activities. Nathans are known to be distant and strange, but you've gotta love them anyways. A nathan is the perfect type of man, nerdy and amazing.
He cuddles while he plays Video games? He is such a Nathan.
#nathan #cute #nerdy #amazing #love
by specialelephant December 02, 2013
1-Amazing at everything
2-Super beast
3-Number One
4-Very Attractive
5-Not homosexual!
Guy: Do you know Nathan?
Girl: Ya he is so beast and amazing at everything!
#synonyms-beast #amazing #awesome #attractive antonyms- stupid #geek
by Nthn815 October 12, 2011
A guy who always knows what to say to his girlfriend when shes upset. He always can cheer her up and hes always so perfect. He is the best guy any girl could ever ask for and is just the sweetest guy. He can be perverted when he wants to be but its always a fun time when you're with him. He will never know exactly how much his girlfriend loves him.
"Wow. I'm dating this guy and hes so great to me!"
"His name has GOT to be Nathan!"
#love #good #happy #fun #caring
by colorguard4ever December 07, 2011
Hotness... Is one word for him. APD, but gentle and kind. Loves life and honesty above all else. Hes the kind of man who would hang out in your backyard just to make sure your safe. He sings you lulabys, writes love letters, and enjoys your cousin. Calls your family and work mates. He truly cares. Bestest friends named Ryan
Loves the Nate/Nathans
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
by Barely legal ;D January 29, 2015
The cutest, funiest, craziest guy you will ever meet. He's kinda short but He has a great smile and you will get lost in his eyes. you will like him once then like someone else but you will always go back to him. He will have longer hair when you meet him but with shorter hair he is irristitable. He's also the worlds greatest saxophone player, and when he gloats about it just smile and laugh. And All the great nathans live in florida.
girl- wow he is so amazing<3

friend- yea he's such a Nathan

girl- oh well that makes him perfect:D
#sweet #kind #cute #sax player #burnaman
by dancingbay03 August 20, 2011
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