The coolest guy in the world, someone who can make me laugh so hard, and yet is still really smart and awesome. Girls want to date him, and guys want to be him.
Nathan is awesome, so your argument is invalid
by awesomeness3966 November 12, 2012
His face is the definition of PROCRASTINATION
He sits at home staring at the wall doing absolutely anything and everything to avoid studying.
She's just like Nathan, lazy and unproductive.
by Jessica Pthaneal July 22, 2012
He's one of those guys that will always have your back no matter what. Ambitious, determined, outgoing and a breathtaking smile, he is the ultimate joy to have in one's life. Usually timid, once you get to know a Nathan you will truly feel like you life is complete. Usually tall, brown eyes and brown hair, it's not pretentious to say that Ryan Gosling was what god made second best after a Nathan.
Girl 1: Who's that guy walking down the street with that eclectic shirt?

Girl 2: Yeah, that's definitely got to be a Nathan

Girl 3: He' hot
by parisgirl5 January 15, 2013
This man is a real gem. His honesty and integrity is beyond compare. He is loving and very supportive of his closest friends. Nathan's never make you feel unwanted or abused. He will always be a joy to have around like a ray of sunshine. Nathan's never do anything out of malice or spite. You will always be put first and never made to feel like a side piece. Modest in intelligence...they like cameras, pictures, magazines, books, and videos. You will never have a dull moment with this man. He is the life of any party and sure to please. It's hard to handle a Nathan so beware.
leave it to Nathan
by Barely legal ;D January 05, 2015
A guy who always knows what to say to his girlfriend when shes upset. He always can cheer her up and hes always so perfect. He is the best guy any girl could ever ask for and is just the sweetest guy. He can be perverted when he wants to be but its always a fun time when you're with him. He will never know exactly how much his girlfriend loves him.
"Wow. I'm dating this guy and hes so great to me!"
"His name has GOT to be Nathan!"
by colorguard4ever December 07, 2011
The cutest, funiest, craziest guy you will ever meet. He's kinda short but He has a great smile and you will get lost in his eyes. you will like him once then like someone else but you will always go back to him. He will have longer hair when you meet him but with shorter hair he is irristitable. He's also the worlds greatest saxophone player, and when he gloats about it just smile and laugh. And All the great nathans live in florida.
girl- wow he is so amazing<3

friend- yea he's such a Nathan

girl- oh well that makes him perfect:D
by dancingbay03 August 20, 2011
A sweet, caring, funny man. Nathan is full of surprises. He is always unpredictable, but will come back to the one he wants to be with. He is not very artistic, but has a very abstract way of thinking. Nathans are know to describe flavors with shapes. If you have one of these men, do not let them go, it will be a mistake. Nathans are a catch, once you get one, they are yours and you are theirs. Much like cats, nathans love cuddling. Cuddling, procrastinating, and napping, are a few of their favorite activities. Nathans are known to be distant and strange, but you've gotta love them anyways. A nathan is the perfect type of man, nerdy and amazing.
He cuddles while he plays Video games? He is such a Nathan.
by specialelephant December 02, 2013

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