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is someone that loves twilight and gay mountain and is a complete jon
Nathan is a complete jon
by adolfhitlerthejewslayer February 09, 2014
5 2
Substitute for 'fag' and other derogatory homosexual slanders. Typically used in a workplace environment where other homosexual references would result in disciplinary action.

Dates back to 2009 when nathan was identified as a fag, and therefore all fags were nathan.
"dude, (indicating to an obvious homosexual) check out that raving Nathan over there"

"FNG is such a fucking nathan I can smell his shit covered cock from here"
by nathan69sex August 17, 2013
9 6
Nathans are generally sweet, intelligent, and a caring. They are into just about everything, sports, music, you name it. But also know that Nathans will be there for you. Some can be seen with Dark brown hair and icy blue eyes. Nathans arent usually into books and such. Just by the way they walk, the way they smile, and their attitude can get them at least 5,000 friends, and many girls drooling over them. Except a lot of Nathans don't know how much they are loved, cared for, and appreciated. They make amazing boyfriends, are good usually good kissers, and have a sweet way about them. Meet a Nathan--NEVER LET HIM GO!
Girl 1: OMG who is that extremely attractive boy over there??

Girl 2: I dont know! But he is such a Nathan!

Girl 1: Dibbs!

Girl 2: Not before I get to him first!

Girl 2: You'll have to fight me!
by EMMY999 December 31, 2012
8 5
Nathan, Nathan... You are an insensitive dick head. I shared everything with you, including my virginity... I've never told anyone this, but I fell in love with you. BIGGEST mistake of my life. I said no, but you still managed to get your wicked way with me! I hate you. I put all my respect in the palm of your hand and you scrunched it up in one of your tantrums. Yeaaah... You have a big dick. And yeah your attractive, but you don't half know it. Your a man whore! A self centred dick head that only ever wants sex, if you don't get your own way you take a fit like a little boy. You think your all grown up with your rugby friends... GUESS WHAT DICK HEAD! I got myself checked out cause only god knows where you've been.
Girl 1: oh my god, I slept with this guy last night...
Girl 2: it wasn't a nathan was it?
Girl 1: yeahh, what do I do?
Girl 2: get yourself screened!
Girl 1: yeaah I have an appointment tomorrow!

NEVER fuck a nathan... He's a dick! He will give you a disease and then will fuck off and leave you...
by full of regrets. September 10, 2011
28 25
Nathan's Famous Since 1916. Nathans was declared by NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani to be "The best hot dogs in the world".
Nathans is the staple hot dog stand of Coney Island, Brooklyn NY. They sponsor the hot dog eating contest that some japanese guy won.
im starvin, lets go to Nathans
by Franky Cadillac June 18, 2008
10 6
The word Nathans simply means "nothing". Nathans = Nothing
Joe: What are you doing?
Mark: Just sitting around doing nathans.
by Rossy G October 23, 2007
13 9
A Manipulative C**t who treats people like sh** and feels he is superior to everyone else.
That Dude Is Such A Nathan
by ju ju Ja June 21, 2013
18 16