1)the ultimite sex God of them all
originated from the hindu word natty meaning sexy hippo. This so called "sexy hippo" has jesus like hair and a little goatie.

2)someone who every one loves.
person 1-omg... that guy over there is a right Nathan
person 2-how do u know??? he's mine!!!
person 1-wtf........
person 2-die bitch
by sexy hippo May 21, 2008
Nathan is one of the greatest, most caring, sweet and funny people you will ever come across. He's there for his friends whenever they need him. Nathan is someone you can truly trust with anything, he knows how to play around with someone and brighten up their day. He knows how to make you feel happy when you're down, can always cheer you up even at times when you don't want to be cheered up. He is the definition of the greatest best friend anyone can have. No subject will ever get boring with Nathan. Nathan is always willing to help with anything you would need.He is sweet and has good manners. He knows when to be serious and when to be funny.He is overall just a great person, he is a blessing in the lives of everyone who knows him. If you don't know a Nathan you should find one ASAP!
by Alvoen April 27, 2013
The offspring of Poseidon and the Big Kitty; the only thing dumber than challenging a Nathan to disc golf is requesting lethal injection for breakfast. Most famous for out-bombing a Stealth Bomber in the Cold War, a Nathan is capable of bleeding Napalm and igniting if attacked...do not attack a Nathan.
Person 1: "Is that a Saturn missile?"
Person 2: "Nah, that's some guy that just took a direct Nathan uppercut."
by Small Paws December 23, 2010
A kind, honest and very loyal sort of person who usually loves to play instruments, especially guitars and has many qualities.

Nathan's are very innocent and good at friendships, and never judge people by their mistakes or flaws, but find the good in people. They tend to have big ambitions and dreams and they are very wise, like an owl.

Never lose a friendship with a Nathan, partly because they'll be your best friend through and through and partly because they usually become fully amazing guitar indi rock gods, and you can sponge fame off them.
Person 1: Who's that legend playing that guitar really well?
Person 2: That's a Nathan.
Person 1: I should have known! He's talented, AND looks super approachable! Of course it's a Nathan *facepalm*
Nathan: *cheesy grin*
by bffffffffffl July 11, 2011
The definition of perfect. Nathan is the other half you have always been searching for. Tall, dark, and handsome don't begin to describe this man. He had been known as the hot niner and abercrombie and fitch model but it is his personality and heart that make him the perfect man he is. Nathan is one who will never let you down and always sticks to his promises. He is always the star, MVP, or captain on the basketball court and though he is a lank he holds his ground on the football field. Beware he tickles when he doesn't get his way, but don't worry the gorgeous thing is just as ticklish himself. If you ever come across this rare species he is sure to make you smile.
Nathan will respond to any of the following:

baba, baby, babe, boo, bugaboo, cutie, handsome, monkey, prince charming, or .. my lovie
by baba1718 December 06, 2010
Hes a dude, a real dude.
Everyone likes him bcuz hes a dude
He does things that dude do
He dates woman that dude date, (dudettes)
He is a super coooool dude!
"man thats a dude"

"yeh dude, thats a Nathan"
by fufa February 06, 2010
any occurance of being a "bitch" in virtually any form of competition.
No, i won't play super smash bros. with you, because you always pull a nathan!
by brown town September 09, 2012

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