Hotness... Is one word for him. APD, but gentle and kind. Loves life and honesty above all else. Hes the kind of man who would hang out in your backyard just to make sure your safe. He sings you lulabys, writes love letters, and enjoys your cousin. Calls your family and work mates. He truly cares. Bestest friends named Ryan
Loves the Nate/Nathans
by Barely legal ;D January 29, 2015
A girl's dream guy. He is caring and funny and he can be shy around a girl he likes. He is a wonderful friend to have. If you are ever the girl lucky enough to catch his eye, go for it. He is tan and handsome and he loves running and swimming. He cares about his family and he is good with kids. He is romantic and charismatic enough to leave you daydreaming about him. If you don't drink your Sunny D right, he will tease you. And apparently, he hates texting.
I can't stop daydreaming about Nathan. I think I'm in love.
by Minty Jr December 27, 2013
His face is the definition of PROCRASTINATION
He sits at home staring at the wall doing absolutely anything and everything to avoid studying.
She's just like Nathan, lazy and unproductive.
by Jessica Pthaneal July 22, 2012
A sweet loving creative man and a wonderful father he loves to keep the people he loves safe and happy
nathan is such a great man and father
by maddi2cool March 28, 2015
Nathan, Nathan... You are an insensitive dick head. I shared everything with you, including my virginity... I've never told anyone this, but I fell in love with you. BIGGEST mistake of my life. I said no, but you still managed to get your wicked way with me! I hate you. I put all my respect in the palm of your hand and you scrunched it up in one of your tantrums. Yeaaah... You have a big dick. And yeah your attractive, but you don't half know it. Your a man whore! A self centred dick head that only ever wants sex, if you don't get your own way you take a fit like a little boy. You think your all grown up with your rugby friends... GUESS WHAT DICK HEAD! I got myself checked out cause only god knows where you've been.
Girl 1: oh my god, I slept with this guy last night...
Girl 2: it wasn't a nathan was it?
Girl 1: yeahh, what do I do?
Girl 2: get yourself screened!
Girl 1: yeaah I have an appointment tomorrow!

NEVER fuck a nathan... He's a dick! He will give you a disease and then will fuck off and leave you...
by full of regrets. September 10, 2011
The word Nathans simply means "nothing". Nathans = Nothing
Joe: What are you doing?
Mark: Just sitting around doing nathans.
by Rossy G October 23, 2007
nathans are dickheads
hey thats nathan
what a dickhead
by 70%off October 29, 2015

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