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The coolest guy in the world, someone who can make me laugh so hard, and yet is still really smart and awesome. Girls want to date him, and guys want to be him.
Nathan is awesome, so your argument is invalid
by awesomeness3966 November 12, 2012
The best guy you could ever have . You might have to go through some difficult things to get him and constant jealousy but he's well worth it . He is very talented in music and will one day have a stage of his own . He is SO sweet you'd think he has someone to tell him what to say all the time ;D If you can have a Nathan fall in love with you then consider yourself the luckiest person in the world . He will always stay faithful and wont ever abandon you . Nathan's treat their girls like queens . They're handsome and you should let them know that . Nathan's are perfect in every single way . They are smart too ! People will often hate on them for their dreams though , be sure to get to know one before you try to crush his dreams .
Nathan is the most amazingly perfect guy I've ever known .

I'm sure glad I have Nathan to call mine.
by Nathan's Girl May 01, 2012
The kind of person who will lie about anything and play the "whoa-is-me" card to gain sympathy and try, damned as he might, to bang any girl he locks eyes with. Basically the human equivalent of aids (never goes away) with a nasty attitude to boot.
Nathan: I just found out I got cancer and may only have a week to live. So can you like, sleep with me one last time so I can get one out while I'm still *gasp* alive

Female: Not if you were the last Nathan on earth.
by RTL_represent February 10, 2012
it is another way to say Crazy.
First guy: Yo! i saw a Ferrari yesterday!
Second guy: Yo! thats soo Nathan!
by CollKid June 14, 2011
Substitute for 'fag' and other derogatory homosexual slanders. Typically used in a workplace environment where other homosexual references would result in disciplinary action.

Dates back to 2009 when nathan was identified as a fag, and therefore all fags were nathan.
"dude, (indicating to an obvious homosexual) check out that raving Nathan over there"

"FNG is such a fucking nathan I can smell his shit covered cock from here"
by nathan69sex August 17, 2013
A guy who always knows what to say to his girlfriend when shes upset. He always can cheer her up and hes always so perfect. He is the best guy any girl could ever ask for and is just the sweetest guy. He can be perverted when he wants to be but its always a fun time when you're with him. He will never know exactly how much his girlfriend loves him.
"Wow. I'm dating this guy and hes so great to me!"
"His name has GOT to be Nathan!"
by colorguard4ever December 07, 2011
Nathan is such a great guy, he often enjoys pleasuring himself to pictures of his friends sisters and sometimes even their parents. He has a lot of really attractive kids he babysits and likes doing things involving the butt.

Nathan is a guy who might seem Asian at first however upon closer inspection may prove to have one of the lowest IQ scores in the world. Although he is Asian the ladies love him.

Nathan is notorious for having sick flow and gets all the "b*tches" because they all love him. He is the kind of guy who has the nudes of all the girls in the school but is nice enough not to show anyone.

Everyone wants to be Nathan, and if you're not Nathan then whats the point?
"Who would win in a fight? Nathan or Chuck Norris?"

I just want to be Nathan
by Big Dic(tionary) June 06, 2014