Hes a dude, a real dude.
Everyone likes him bcuz hes a dude
He does things that dude do
He dates woman that dude date, (dudettes)
He is a super coooool dude!
"man thats a dude"

"yeh dude, thats a Nathan"
by fufa February 06, 2010
1)the ultimite sex God of them all
originated from the hindu word natty meaning sexy hippo. This so called "sexy hippo" has jesus like hair and a little goatie.

2)someone who every one loves.
person 1-omg... that guy over there is a right Nathan
person 2-how do u know??? he's mine!!!
person 1-wtf........
person 2-die bitch
by sexy hippo May 21, 2008
The kind of boyishly handsome Man every girl would want to marry. He is charming, thoughtfull, sweet, a delicous kisser, hard-working, funny, and his eyes will melt your soul. I once had a Nathan and lost him. He will forever remain apart of my memories.
by moonglimmer August 28, 2011
The best guy you could ever have . You might have to go through some difficult things to get him and constant jealousy but he's well worth it . He is very talented in music and will one day have a stage of his own . He is SO sweet you'd think he has someone to tell him what to say all the time ;D If you can have a Nathan fall in love with you then consider yourself the luckiest person in the world . He will always stay faithful and wont ever abandon you . Nathan's treat their girls like queens . They're handsome and you should let them know that . Nathan's are perfect in every single way . They are smart too ! People will often hate on them for their dreams though , be sure to get to know one before you try to crush his dreams .
Nathan is the most amazingly perfect guy I've ever known .

I'm sure glad I have Nathan to call mine.
by Nathan's Girl May 01, 2012
A man who is often considered a god to woman, a real gentleman playa-pimp who knows who how to pull the woman in so hard they get dick whiplash
Oh FAWK. did you see how quick Nathan fucked those 4 bitches from the club the other night.
by Tamika Wilson March 27, 2008
This man is a real gem. His honesty and integrity is beyond compare. He is loving and very supportive of his closest friends. Nathan's never make you feel unwanted or abused. He will always be a joy to have around like a ray of sunshine. Nathan's never do anything out of malice or spite. You will always be put first and never made to feel like a side piece. Modest in intelligence...they like cameras, pictures, magazines, books, and videos. You will never have a dull moment with this man. He is the life of any party and sure to please. It's hard to handle a Nathan so beware.
leave it to Nathan
by Barely legal ;D January 05, 2015
Another way to say nothing.

Popularized by Notorious BIG's stretching the way you pronounce nothing in 'One More Chance' in order to create a rhyme....

"Those the ones I like cause they don't get nathan But penetration, unless it smells like sanitation."

Nathaniel is also another acceptable term for Nathan.
I sat in front of my desk for eight hours at work today but did absolutely nathan.

I went back to that chick's place after the party but ended up getting nathan, not laid, no dome, no hj... just straight NATHANIEL!
by nathanieldogs July 07, 2011

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