A Caucasian male who resembles Eminem but at a younger age. His favorite name is 8 mile or rabbit and he lives in a trailer.
Man I just saw Nathan in a music video
by White rapper April 21, 2013
it is another way to say Crazy.
First guy: Yo! i saw a Ferrari yesterday!
Second guy: Yo! thats soo Nathan!
by CollKid June 14, 2011
The most amazing albino nigga with a dick like jesus
nathan a star
by nigganate May 21, 2014
Nathans are the kind of guys who you can love constantly. Nathans are also cute,nice,sexy,hot,cute,and smart.Nathans are really cool to hang out with these people are the most sweetest people ever!!!!
Olivia: Hey Sonya who is that?

Sonya: Thats Nathan a really cute hot and sexy he is mine!

Olivia: Ok
by biotch_please September 25, 2013
A guy who is always getting friend zoned by chicks.
Man, I told this one girl that I liked her but she just wanted to be friends. I feel like a Nathan.
by Fishboiii June 13, 2013
The kind of person who will lie about anything and play the "whoa-is-me" card to gain sympathy and try, damned as he might, to bang any girl he locks eyes with. Basically the human equivalent of aids (never goes away) with a nasty attitude to boot.
Nathan: I just found out I got cancer and may only have a week to live. So can you like, sleep with me one last time so I can get one out while I'm still *gasp* alive

Female: Not if you were the last Nathan on earth.
by RTL_represent February 10, 2012
The nicest person you could meet and is friends to all. He's smart and he is funny too. He's one to be around and is usually not single. He is sexy,kind and always happy go lucky.
And he is a legend at the guitar
Girl 1:Look at the new kid he seems nice
Girl 2:He's definitively a Nathan
Girl 3:And he's dreamy

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