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To get beat up; to lose a fight big time.
To get owned.
Did you see that fight? Jason just got NAILED!
by you-suck September 25, 2009
45 72
To have sex with, especially spontanously and/or with great passion/force.
I nailed her out of the blue last night.
by Ben September 29, 2003
357 115
Having completed a task with great accuracy.
"A+! I nailed that test."
"I threw the rock and, nailed that guy between the eyes!"
by Ransom June 17, 2003
358 158
to lose a artificial fingernail in ones ass cave
her nail came off in my ass when she was blowing me; she nailed me
by pat beer December 23, 2009
100 74
to get completely shit-faced; black out.
"dude i have the worst hangover, i got so nailed last night."
by hfen3u383c August 03, 2012
14 17
A violent sexual act
"Dude, I nailed Sally so hard last night!"
by Anonaaa February 13, 2008
63 99
What happened to Tom when he listened to matt and looked in the dictionary to see if the word gullible was there ;)
Synonym of noobed, owned, pwned, etc
Matt: "hey tom, you know the word gullible isnt in the dictionary?"
Tom: "No way! Its gotta be! Let me check..."
*sound of dictionary pages*
Tom: "Wait a second..."
Matt: "Aha! Youe were nailed :D"
by The n00binator September 01, 2006
28 103