Nofx Is a punk band that started out in CA back in 1983. The name was From Neagative Fx (A one album band.) It was a 3 piece band at first due to one of the guitarists could not make it to pratice and quited because the others did a show without him. They did not get anothor player until Allan came to try-out he then was known as El Hefe. The band today is. Fat Mike (Bass/vocals), Eric Melven (Guitar) El Hefe (Guitar) Erik Sandin (Or Smelly.) (Drums). Nofx today is very sucessful Haveing alot of fans,Jaming with Rancid,releaseing lots of albums and a whole bunch of other shit aswell. there like my secound favriote band!
Nofx has had alot of diffrent people. Every Nofx fan knows the original crue two right?
by Punk Rocker June 22, 2005
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*gasp* an actually GOOD punk band!!
i went to a NOFX concert the other day.
by alex January 22, 2003
One of the best fucking bands ever, plain and simple.
Holy shit last week I saw nofx and I shot a constant stream of semen for 10 minutes spraying everyone with the bittersweet necture...
by gorsh dick August 17, 2003
A band that proves punk is not fucking dead. Band includes Eric Melvin who will make you milt yourself every time you see him if you're a girl and maybe even some of you guys out there if you "swing" that way.
Man, I got laid for the first time after a NOFX concert.
by Dude March 10, 2004
Fat Mike, El Hefe, Smelly and Melvin... just a great punk band.
13 Stitches, Liza And Louise, Linoleum, Leave It Alone, Bob, Brews, Moron Brothers, Don't Call Me White, Vanilla Sex...
by Kat July 14, 2004
1. A band in the now defunct punk scene who knows what they are singing about, an epic and a zenith of music.

2. A group of intelegent people who write halarious and/or political music and happen to play of punk style.
"When did punk rock become so safe, when did the scene become a joke" - Nofx
by Rushisbeatingupjesus January 22, 2004
doesnt stand for no fucking straight edge
it was named after the boston band negative fx
best punk band ever
by eric September 20, 2003
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