a bunch of lazy fuckers which play half ass every time.
man NOFX ruled at the show last night, they now have my shoes
by gibbs January 30, 2004
diluted pop-punk band that posers seem to enjoy.
hey did you notice all nofx songs sound the same?
by ryansdf May 20, 2005
A band that has humorous songs; no real punk value; just for laughs.
NOFX has funny songs.
by Kaladbolg June 29, 2003
Fuckin poser/post-punk band that little skaters listen to when they aint skatin...All those that think its the best punk band ever have you ever heard of anything else in punk???Ever heard of Black Flag , Misfits , Bad Religion or Rise Against to say just a few because u fuckin fags have never heard any british punk where it all started...POSERS
NOFX is the music for skaters that think they are punks but are just POSERS
by ariel_nina June 09, 2005
A Lame punk-wanabee emo band who's main audience are Homosexualite's homosexual's feeble-minded kids in there ealrly 20's and 17 year old anarchists who are all emo because there mom will not buy them a new trench coat or pay to have there teeth sharpened in to vampire fangs.

See also: Justin Timberlake and N*SYNC
1) "Yeah so last week there was a NoFX concert, They left trash all over the place and burned down the bathrooms and to top it off two of the band members tryed to assrape bob!"

2) "So I was downloading some punk off of Bittorrent and I see this torrent for a NoFX CD and the coments on the site are good so I download it and play it, Within 30 seconds my boss came over and fired me"

3) Sk8ters: NoFX Is the motherfucking shit! *Headbangs*
Whiggers: 50 Cent owns j00! *Shoots at sk8ters*
by the_redstar_swl June 09, 2005

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