The best band in the entire world. coming in second would be Rancid.
Gods Of Punk.
by Jared Clow September 02, 2003
nofx is a punk band that has been around for a long time. They have inspired a number of other bands and they have thier own record label called "Fat Wreck Cords" who have signed some of the best punk bands around today. Nofx still plays and they def. dont need the money and it pisses a bunch of people off because they cant do the same. Alot of hXc kids think thier music has value over the deep politics that nofx signs about but what they dont realize is hXc sucks and so do they.
Nofx made fun of that gay hxc jesus band, and they left the tour, what pussies!!
by DlLL0N June 27, 2007
punk rock. why waste enerygy pressing other buttons?
best band ever and kicks rise agiansts ass even though there cool

Apple Macintosh Computers kick ass!
Anyone who doesnt like NOFX can fuck off
by El Nefe October 27, 2005
Best band ever. When you think of punk you think of NoFX
Dude! Did you go see NoFX???!?
Yes!! They r0xx0red my s0xx0rs!!
by KaotiK May 23, 2005
the best band of all time.
NOFX kicks ass
by jesus June 26, 2004
One of the best punk bands still playing. NOFX comes from another band name so it doesnt make sense to most.
NOFX:Liza's had enough of men, she said she won't get burned again. She said men don't know how to fuck, last boyfriend a schmuck.
by Sammy June 15, 2006

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