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The best punk rock band EVER!
When I first heard NoFX I knew they were the shit!
by Desirai January 02, 2004
Fucking awesome punk band. Been around for years and still making great songs. Most of the songs are comedy as well eg. "Bob", "Whoops, I OD'D", and "Please Play This Song On The Radio"
Best albums are Punk In Drublic, The War On Errorism and White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean.
by Nezbit. May 26, 2005
the greatest band of all time
"Screw rock and roll. I love NOFX!"
by killposersericmelvin February 28, 2004
best punk band ever
thats all i need to say
nofx is the shit
by ben dover September 28, 2003
A punk band that whos name Japs can't pernounce. They read it as one word instead of No-Fx so it sounds like nawfix. When this occurs the fans of NOFX ususally respond by saying, "Nawfix is my Cheese."
Jap= Whats Nawfix?
Punk= Nawfix is my cheese.
by Jamal J. Jamalson June 23, 2005
Well now, amazing punk band...
Jimbo: Have you heard NOFX?
Terry: Yes, I creamed myself shortly afterwards...
by Kiggzeh September 30, 2003
nofx is a punk band that has been around for a long time. They have inspired a number of other bands and they have thier own record label called "Fat Wreck Cords" who have signed some of the best punk bands around today. Nofx still plays and they def. dont need the money and it pisses a bunch of people off because they cant do the same. Alot of hXc kids think thier music has value over the deep politics that nofx signs about but what they dont realize is hXc sucks and so do they.
Nofx made fun of that gay hxc jesus band, and they left the tour, what pussies!!
by DlLL0N June 27, 2007