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443 definitions by eric

What real men do during Baseball season.
Lacrosse is 10x > than baseball
by Eric February 12, 2005
3536 1330
A shorter version of the word "nigger".
Hey nig, why don't you smile so I can see you.
by Eric April 11, 2005
1956 535
A person who consumes most of their time on the internet website These people are often loved by their scene friends. An addiction is often present in these people.
"Look at that loser girl over there, she takes revealing pictures of herself and tries to get guys as a myspace whore"
by eric February 28, 2005
1470 296
Stuff that grows on people's balls, heads, arms, legs, and stuff that grows on cats, dogs, your anus, and so on.
There sure is alot of hair on my balls!
by ERIC October 18, 2003
1484 317
Can be either the greatest moment or the saddest. I thought it would be the greatest but looking back I would give up everything just for one day back in school. Crushes, unfairness, homework, love, friends, idiot teachers, recess, lunch, all that stuff. I miss it all. I find it strange to be looking back right now on this. But I guess the saying they say is true. "You never knew how much fun being a kid really was until your older."
I miss school. There said it.
by Eric March 06, 2005
1019 146
The most persistant mother fucker who ever lived.
Ralph Nader kicks ass.
by Eric October 24, 2005
883 198
Awesome singer who shaped rock and roll what it is today. Even his last album kicked ass. Legendary singer who will live in my heart forever.
Johnny will never be forgotten.
by Eric January 17, 2005
637 65