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probly the coolest girl ever, she types faster than a cheetah can run. And she DOESNT kiss hairbrushes, And she is obsessed with like 1000000 bands. She is hot. ;)
Dude, Did you see liza singing in that hairbrush
by Uncle George January 01, 2008
an amazing friend ; she will never leave your side and she is definitely trustworthy
she's not beautiful , she's beyond it
she's not pretty , she's past that
she's not gorgeous , she's infinity
her laugh will make you laugh for days after
she doesn't get jokes, but surely pretends to
she's bangable, and has the body of kim kardashian
but she will play hard to get forever, which is true
she is veryyyyyyyy hard to get
no wonder she's single
Holy shit , what's that amazing aroma i smell?

- Oh yeahh it's liza again

Jeeezus! liza always looks hot
by soccer_player101 July 19, 2010
the brightest star in the sky <3
Look at that star! It's the brightest, happiest one!

Yeah, that's Liza.
by daaviddd July 04, 2011
I've been in love with this girl for the past 5 years and she has no idea.
Amazing body and confident walk.
Beautiful inside and out.
Amazing personality and once you meet her, you're hooked.
Doesn't let anyone push her around. Independent.
Cute as a button. Talented in everything she does.
I love you Liza. Oh wait, you have no clue.
by pickmeup123 August 24, 2013
a great person. the smartest person you'll ever meet. great hair, great eyes. bangin body. shes cooler than anyone named alexis. she can jump higher than alexis. she is planning on going ona road trip in 2014or 2015, so anyone who wants to come, COME! woot. loves fun. hates some people, mostly if thheir names begins with an a. she'll marry someone with the first letter of his name being a j
yeS! liza looks so hot!
by lilylily123 January 27, 2011
"Liza has the cutest boobs, i mean butt, no wait i mean face"
by liza's girlfriend January 03, 2015
to be incredibly bossy but in a really funny way
when you're in the car with someone and you are NOT should be careful not to liza

you make it so hard to be mad at you because it's hilarious when you're lizaing

god, you are very opinionated and such a liza
by Laurenp September 04, 2012
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