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A person with exceptional skills in one or many things.
That guy is a fucking starr
by Rock Starr December 12, 2005
A bright and stunning individual, one of the most amazing and unique girls you will ever meet. Her smile brightens the room and her laugh is a joyous melody.
"Is that Starr over there?"

"Damn, it so is. She's so exotic."
by littlewhitegirlproblems November 30, 2011
an amazing girl that loves her biffles and seems to have it all. there's so much more, but very few really know her.
"oh did you see that cool girl walk by?"

"who? Starr?"


"man psh you know she's awsome"
by OhEmJizzleHomie_189 May 05, 2009
another word for mate, blud or person
dat show was hevy starr
by anonymous October 11, 2003
The coolest guy in the world. Women flock to him. Everyon loves him...if not, it's because they are just jelous of him. A man so sexy it will blind you if you look directly at him.
The owner of the biggest dick on the planet and is the best in bed any woman has ever had.
"Hey, there goes Starr. He's so awesome."
"Oh god, my eyes! I looked directly at him and he's so hot!"
by ToolGuy June 04, 2009
An obtuse, surly, slag. A she-beast with the persona of a fat, retired, stripper. The addition of the superfluous, "r" at the end of the name is key, as it signifies the ignorance behind this person's very existence. Starr is destined to be trailer trash for life. Starr can't hold a real job, and has no education.
"Oh snap! Do you see that brick shithouse in cheap heels, over there!?"

"Ugh, Starr fo'sho! She's nasty. Look at those chicken legs sticking out from under that fat gut. FUPA for days!"


"Some damn loudmouthed twat emailed me, thinking her loser boyfriend in jail was sending me mail behind her back"

"She must be a total Starr. No wonder he cheats on her!"
by Truthie McTrutherson October 18, 2013
When a stripper bends over to show her pus and to someone and they stick there finger in her.
That girl is so hot when she bent over I had no choice but to starr her.
by Johny Wah June 02, 2009
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