A myspace whore is some one who spends their waking hours doing absolutly nothing, but sitting in front of their computer tryng to get " Friends" on their profile.and posting slutty pics of themselves for people to look at and hopefully add them. But they could go out and make new friends in real life, but that would require them to leave their computer, and *gasp* MySpace for a certain amount of time.
"OMG! no one has viewed my profile in 5 minuets. I only have 2059 views since i started my profile last week.I've posted so many comments, and bullitens, and skanky pics of myself. What's wrong with me, why won't people view my profile? I think I'll go cut my self, then try to get more friends to view my profile." says myspace whore.
by Tyler Runge July 25, 2006
- myspace whores are mostly girls..
usually have new pics of them selves daily... have a million friends and dont know half of them... think myspace is some kind of popularity contest... they usually post bulletins saying comment my pics or im hungry for comments. go on my space every 2 mins to check if they have new comments.. take pictures of themselves in the mirror ... have a need to be on everyones top eight... need to keep commenting everyone just to be someones last comment... say things like im soo cool , im raddd ... usuallyy write all of there friends names under who id like too meett... basically there insecure annoying bitches that want to seem cool ;) ; every scene person has one
your all such myspace whores!
by jadeee January 24, 2006
ok well, this is a person who justs adds every tom, dick and harry (people they dont know) to their myspace so their friends number will be extremely high.
"yeah that bitch has 2400988907 "friends" what a myspace whore."
by Cayla February 26, 2006
the typical myspace whore embellishes their pictures, posts needless bulletins, constantly comment/"whores" other people's sites, establishes an identity via myspace
"Are you Blair from myspace?"
"Yes, how do you know me?"
"You're hella a myspace whore!"
by Parissa October 01, 2006
Someone who claims to have 'lots of friends' and a 'busy social life' yet manages to log on to Myspace for at least five hours a day. They must have 394504659 friends or else LOL. They blog about everything from the MCR gig they attended to the fact they lost their eyeliner. They dream of logging on and seeing NEW COMMENTS! NEW PIC COMMENTS! NEW FRIEND REQUESTS! Etc, etc. They take a million pictures every day and choose the two most flattering and normally up the contrast to hide their spotty skin and add some shitty emo caption underneath to make themselves look 'creative'. In most pictures they are pouting and not wearing a lot. In others they're at some HxC gig with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other despite the fact they claim to be STRAIGHTxEDGE. They post bulletins every .576553645 seconds saying things like: 'comment my new pics BIATCHES! ILY! Kthanxbi.' Be warned that no scenesters or Myspace whores look anything like their pics in real life! LOL!
TiaTERROR is such a myspace whore.
by 4444 August 10, 2007
1.A little girl who likes to show her cleavage to the world of online computer predators


2.Someone who has so many friends that they could start a second planet
Man 1- YES!! i have finally gotten to 23 Million Myspace Friends!!

Man 2- Dude, you are a fucking myspace whore.
by goldy5 June 03, 2007
Any person being male or female who gets attention on MySpace by having a rediculous amount of friends they don't know, never talked to and will never talk to. They try to get people to add them and comment their page and pics by repeatedly posting bulletins telling them to do so, which ends up just annoying other MySpace users.
The term myspace whore actually has nothing to do with the true act of whoring, or any kind of sexual act for that matter. It is just a term used for those who seek out attention on MySpace.
Example One
Person 1 - (Has 900+ friends) "Hey!!!!!! You seem cool. Add me!! Don't forget to comment my pix!"
Person 2 - "Sorry, I'm anti myspace whore."

by Kaila C July 23, 2006
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