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A car driven to make up for the microscopic thing in your pants.
omg i drive a mustang keekeke lemme go take on a 4 cylinder civic to make myself feel big

*Thinks to himself* those guys with the camaro's and gto's are too fast for me...I prefer racing something totaly out of my class...omg was that guy in the z28 laughing at me!?
by Kp100006 December 11, 2006
34 43
Some crazy animal with a massive dick.
"Stop suckin' on that mustang's forty foot long sperm hose!"
by Bad_Bud July 22, 2006
10 19
An incredibly fast car that is inexpensive and anyone who drives it is instantly cool....unless you have a comb-over.
Wow, look at that civic....its quick (because it weighs like nothing).
Too bad that Ford Mustang totally destroyed that import shit box despite the fact that it is double the weight.
by TheVigilante January 21, 2006
28 37
"Then there's the F-body's original rival, the Mustang. Styled in a less rakish, more upright fashion, Mustangs are sporty four-passenger cars with similar performance at price points consistently below comparable Camaros and Firebirds. Though, less aggressive and not as quick, the Mustang offers more refinement in an easier-to-live-with package than the GM entries."
mustangs suck f- bodys rule
by rtrtrtr July 16, 2005
32 41
The greatest car in the whole fucking world.
FBody faggot: My 94 Camaro is better than your 04 Mustang Cobra!

Mustang Man: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Stop bragging over a car that is made anymore. Please, go fuck your self.
by Chevy Hater August 12, 2006
53 63
"the mustang is the gayest car ever!!"
by praymo paynus September 18, 2005
72 83
pathetic american car that has lost it's taste. many compasre this iron-box to the honda civic but they dont relize that they are actually in two different categories.
1.Struggling Sports Car
A. Ford Mustang
2.Family Economy Car
A. Honda Civic Sedan

now theres no need, compare a mustang to a nsx while ur at it, and dont say, oh its way more expensive than a mustang, because some of you are doin excatly that to the civic.
The guy who wrote that defionition is an asshole

'05 Mustang GT- $25k
'05 Civic Si- $20k
The 'Stang costs 20% more.

'05 Mustang GT- $25k
'05 NSX- $90k
The NSX costs over 300% more.

Now, for performance:

'05 Mustang GT: 0-60- 5.1-5.2 sec
'05 NSX: 0-60- 5.0 sec
Not much of a difference, moron... By the time I've spent 10k on a 'Stang it'll run low '9s on the 1/4.
by Myajd jdg August 13, 2005
65 76