Made by FORD
F - Found
O - On
R - Road
D - Dead
Every car made by ford is a death trap!! examples.. Ford Aerostar (you know... the ugly square van) ignition switch will some how spark and catch on fire!
Ford Explore - tires some how blow and the car flips over!! hmm.... Ford tried to blame Firestone for this when the put passenger tires on a SUV!!
Ford Focus - Pretty much everything is wrong with this thing!! i know a Ford mechanic and he hates working on this piece of shiet!
by jerbear December 09, 2003
A car people buy when they can't find a nice Camaro for sale.
I was going to buy a Camaro, but I had to settle for a goddamn Mustang.
by Dale May 12, 2003
The Ford Mustang is a piece of shit. :]

If you want to buy a cheap sports car get a 350z, 370z, sti, or evo.

Don't waste your time with one of these.
John: Hey Sister want to make a baby in the mustang

John's Sister: Sure!
by mbuti August 21, 2009
"Then there's the F-body's original rival, the Mustang. Styled in a less rakish, more upright fashion, Mustangs are sporty four-passenger cars with similar performance at price points consistently below comparable Camaros and Firebirds. Though, less aggressive and not as quick, the Mustang offers more refinement in an easier-to-live-with package than the GM entries."
mustangs suck f- bodys rule
by rtrtrtr July 16, 2005
the 7 letters seen by any rice burning import car or camaro that dares to race it.
my 98 Mustang LX beat the s*** out of three Z28 camaros
by Stangboy December 10, 2004
Hey whats the big deal with fukiing cars anyway why don't u all get lives and worry about more important things in life like....... ok so there really isn't anything more important but thats not the point.
by corona October 21, 2003
1.Gokart with a small block horse power 3.Slow
Hey check out that IROC coming up beind us. I wish my Mustang was that cool
by Jimbo May 26, 2003

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