Made by FORD
F - Found
O - On
R - Road
D - Dead
Every car made by ford is a death trap!! examples.. Ford Aerostar (you know... the ugly square van) ignition switch will some how spark and catch on fire!
Ford Explore - tires some how blow and the car flips over!! hmm.... Ford tried to blame Firestone for this when the put passenger tires on a SUV!!
Ford Focus - Pretty much everything is wrong with this thing!! i know a Ford mechanic and he hates working on this piece of shiet!
by jerbear December 09, 2003
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Lovin' the stang. Sex with the top down, my tits bouncing with enthusiasm for the sweat that went into creating a strong american machine that when you hear it purring past your block you know is a Mustang... my stang, with hp a rice-burner can only dream about!!!
Every car needs a theme, but every Mustang needs a mascot!
by stang-sex April 17, 2004
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Mustang: A performance baced automobile that, if done correctly, is an excellent machine suited for racing. However, on the street, any Mustang driver that challanges a Civic, unless the Civic is obviously fast (baced on knoledge of the car), is merely trying to boost their own ego by challageing a car with a far lower displacement. Also, Horsepower is not every thing,its part of the whole perfromance, but the most important aspect of an automobiles over-all performance is weight. Lightness is key to performace:High Horsepower Car(i.e. Mustang, Camero and such) - All of the crap it dosent need = Higher perfomance. Weight, not power is the most important thing in racing.
Ricer (ri-sr): Any one who is focused on the amount of ice the car contains, and only uses dyno numbers and the amount of money spent in order to modify their car to some how outdo others
by Brudog91MR2 December 08, 2003
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The car in question seems to be owned by every asshole on the planet, why? Cuz they're cheap and they're everywhere. They can often be seen getting their asses handed to them by cars of smaller engine size. Usually these are asian cars dealing out the whoopings, but cases are also recorded of other domestics such as Cavaliers handing down judgement to the highly overrated, seriously inflated ego on wheels.
Some make feeble attempts at making their cars faster. They suffer from a serious disease referred to as IDIOTUS AMONGUS. Which is either passed down through genes or contracted from a visit from the extremely dangerous Stupid Fairy. The disease can be anocculated through introduction to a real performance car, and may take several doses of such to fully erraticate the disease.
Furthermore, there do exist myths
about performance on these cars. Some wish to believe that upgraded models from Saleen, Roush and Shelby are standard factory models. This implies that they are stock, on the contrary. These models are, in fact, purchased by said performace companies, upgraded and then resold to ignorent customers who have problems understanding the concept of performance franchices. It is not these people's fault in this matter. Their IQ's simply are not high enough to understand performance upgrades and therefore they must rely on the industry to dupe them into thinking they are buying a quality factory product.
By my studies of this subject, I must conclude that most owners of the vehicle known as the Ford Mustang should not be looked down upon for their obvious lack of reality, but rather be helped by anyone willing to take on the hardships of working with the performance challenged. For they are as in need of help as any other "special" group of the world in which we live.
Summary from:
"IDIOTUS AMONGUS" A Racer's Disease
by dsmguy21 June 24, 2004
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the 7 letters seen by any rice burning import car or camaro that dares to race it.
my 98 Mustang LX beat the s*** out of three Z28 camaros
by Stangboy December 10, 2004
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will get owned by a Camaro, and for any of you ppl who think they "know the muscle era" youd know the Pontiac GTO is the first muscle car to unleashed out on the markey.

Mustangs will get pwned by any muscle car, especially the Camaro!
Id put my money on an AMC Gremlin than a Fucker Only Runs Downhill (ford) Mustang.
by James Lowe July 10, 2005
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an ugly boring ass town in the grand old state of Oklahoma
i hate mustang oklahoma, its an ugly boring ass town
by katluvsya_91 February 03, 2009
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