in contrary to all the fuckheads on here just arguing and talking about the car,the mustang,it's actually a used name in alot of different things that no one on here has yet listed:
1.yes a car,everyone knows.
2.a breed of horse that is powerful and fast
3.a fender guitar/bass that became popular in the 1960's.very nice,and has good playability
4.a plane used in WW2
5.a really cheap brand of cigarettes,which mainly suck complete ass.
mustang is a name for many other things than just "the american revolution". so stfu all you faggy car freaks..
by drosmoke3 October 22, 2008

v. mus·tanged, mus·tang·ing, mus·tangs

v. intr.

1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 2. To procrastinate.

v. tr.

To postpone or delay needlessly (see procrastinate).

From a character who fits this meaning on Full Metal Alchemist.
mus·tang·tion n.
mus·tang·or n.
"I have mustanged my thesis. And now it's due in three weeks and doesn't exist."
by SK-chan March 05, 2005
When you beat somebody in any pool/billiards game 5 to 0. (5.0)
How did you do against that guy? "I just mustanged him."
by mike b. December 21, 2004
A car, that no matter how much it tries, will never keep up with an equal Camaro. Go ahead and talk about your Cobras, forced induction doesn't make an equal race...put a supercharger on a Camaro and the Mustang gets it handed to him again...

Notice how after the Camaro came around, it was always leading the way in body redesigns. The Mustang always changed their body style one year after the Camaro. It just goes to show that the Mustang is a FOLLOWER, NOT A LEADER!!!
Damn, I thought my Mustang was fast, I kicked the shit out of those Hondas, but that Camaro just SMOKED me!
by A-Teezy! December 23, 2005
Often incorrectly claimed to be the "original musclecar" (the Pontiac GTO was the first musclecar) the mustang was marketed to be a cute friendly car for secretaries and to this day it still is. Several variations of the mustang were built in order to compete with the Chevrolet Camaro but the mustang could never match the Camaro's performance even with the use of superchargers.
1. Wow, did you just see that Camaro smoke that Mustang.

2. I wish my Mustang was as fast as a Camaro.
by Jim December 12, 2004
A sporty car made by a unreliable manufacture that goes by the name of Ford. The mustangs best years were its earliest, and ever since then the model went down the shit hole. the only way a mustang stands a chance against anything is if it doesn't break down before it reaches the starting line. many mustang owners brag about how they can waste fuel economy cars such as the civic. in reality in an endurance race the mustang is left standing, and most imported cars with a couple of modifications to free breathing and exhaust would leave a mustang for dead in a twisty circuit, because muscle cars are designed to go in a straight line. all in all, for some it's still worth arguing, but when you get a grip on reality and realize that Ford makes both the mustang, and the Focus, all hope is lost.
A. Hey look at that mustang!
B. Where?
A. On the side of the road where else?
B. Yea I guess. It's also sporting a lovely cloud of smoke pouring out of the hood.
by jesus720 December 15, 2008
1. The Orignal All-American Muscle Car.
2. Made by Ford, which was once the greatest car company of all time created by Henry Ford, but due to the recent crappy-ass management, came out with such retarded cars as Aerostar, Escort and Taurus which totally ruined the entire name that was Ford
3. The 7 letters that all Camaro, Firebird, Trans-Am owners see as it passes the finish line. All other cars are not worth racing, even if they got a head start.
4. Only existing car series to exist from the 3 listed above.
5. The only decent car of Ford that is left
Mustang's, Shelby's, Cobra's and GT's are all the epiphany of American Muscle, but have lost their Legendary performance and respect because of Ford's new crappy management.
by -=.SeNoR.NeUvA.YoRk.=- July 06, 2005

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