mustang is another shitty car that cant smoke anything, it must have tang to smoke it. why the hell would it be a cobra when it's a horse?
My Mach 2000 Cobra Shelby Saleen Roush Mustang has a v36 engine in it, got about 100 hp on mach 2000, 1000 on cobra, 26317963 on shelby, 712893612753921 on saleen, and 137452954363157854343 on roush, it's soo powerful, it cant even smoke a civic
by FUCKMUSCLECARS June 10, 2007
pathetic american car that has lost it's taste. many compasre this iron-box to the honda civic but they dont relize that they are actually in two different categories.
1.Struggling Sports Car
A. Ford Mustang
2.Family Economy Car
A. Honda Civic Sedan

now theres no need, compare a mustang to a nsx while ur at it, and dont say, oh its way more expensive than a mustang, because some of you are doin excatly that to the civic.
My mustang has 5 litres while ur civic only has 1.6! and i have to go fill up three times more than you! HAHAHAHA
by ebonix February 22, 2005
The car in question seems to be owned by every asshole on the planet, why? Cuz they're cheap and they're everywhere. They can often be seen getting their asses handed to them by cars of smaller engine size. Usually these are asian cars dealing out the whoopings, but cases are also recorded of other domestics such as Cavaliers handing down judgement to the highly overrated, seriously inflated ego on wheels.
Some make feeble attempts at making their cars faster. They suffer from a serious disease referred to as IDIOTUS AMONGUS. Which is either passed down through genes or contracted from a visit from the extremely dangerous Stupid Fairy. The disease can be anocculated through introduction to a real performance car, and may take several doses of such to fully erraticate the disease.
Furthermore, there do exist myths
about performance on these cars. Some wish to believe that upgraded models from Saleen, Roush and Shelby are standard factory models. This implies that they are stock, on the contrary. These models are, in fact, purchased by said performace companies, upgraded and then resold to ignorent customers who have problems understanding the concept of performance franchices. It is not these people's fault in this matter. Their IQ's simply are not high enough to understand performance upgrades and therefore they must rely on the industry to dupe them into thinking they are buying a quality factory product.
By my studies of this subject, I must conclude that most owners of the vehicle known as the Ford Mustang should not be looked down upon for their obvious lack of reality, but rather be helped by anyone willing to take on the hardships of working with the performance challenged. For they are as in need of help as any other "special" group of the world in which we live.
Summary from:
"IDIOTUS AMONGUS" A Racer's Disease
by dsmguy21 June 24, 2004
F - Fucked
O - On
R - Race
D - Day
Most mustang drivers are just like the car itself, all bark no bite, the cars all get the same Flowmaster exhaust. They all make the same shitty sound. And they are mediocre at best as a sports car.

Essentially, the mustang is the domestic market's half cocked attempt to "flex" it's so called muscle... When in reality 90% of all mustangs you see can easily be handled by a much lower displacement Asian vehicle.
Tommy : Man I wish these mustang owners would learn.
Cody : Learn what man?
Tommy : They can't fuck with my 1.8L integra, I destroyed an 03 cobra last week. Its getting old.
by JDM Civic OWNER July 26, 2009
will get owned by a Camaro, and for any of you ppl who think they "know the muscle era" youd know the Pontiac GTO is the first muscle car to unleashed out on the markey.

Mustangs will get pwned by any muscle car, especially the Camaro!
Id put my money on an AMC Gremlin than a Fucker Only Runs Downhill (ford) Mustang.
by James Lowe July 10, 2005
Crap between the years of 1977 and 2003. Brought back to a promising life with the 2003 Cobra. Finally a boosted car.
Hey look, that mustang thinks he can beat my dsm.
Well, that mustang thought wrong.
I hope that mustang likes the talon logo on my tail light because he'll be seeing it all day.
by v8 killer December 04, 2003
A car that can't do anything right. People always mention how the Performance/Price ratio is great, but all the Mustang GTs I've seen were between $32k - $36k from factory. It has a 4.8 liter V8 making only 315hp and 325tq. It has a live-rear axle and horrible suspension which makes it impossible to have fun on back roads. But here you're still thinking this: My Mustang GT is the king of the drag strip. WRONG! The Nissan 370Z can not only put a smile on your face in the twisty bit but it can beat a merely GT on the straights. Now your thinking wait a minute the Z is way more expensive!!!! WRONG AGAIN! A fully optioned out Nissan 370Z is about $3k more than an optioned out Mustang GT. Next time you look at your recently purchased American Muscle car, you can now be positive that you bought the wrong car.
Cocky Mustang GT owner: "That 370Z beat me again. I just need the GT-500 to beat it!"
Cocky Mustang GT owner's friend: "Why pay $52k for another pos when you can have a corvette or a 335i for $44k? I don't why I'm friends with you!"
by AzzSnatcher07 May 29, 2009
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