pathetic american car that has lost it's taste. many compasre this iron-box to the honda civic but they dont relize that they are actually in two different categories.
1.Struggling Sports Car
A. Ford Mustang
2.Family Economy Car
A. Honda Civic Sedan

now theres no need, compare a mustang to a nsx while ur at it, and dont say, oh its way more expensive than a mustang, because some of you are doin excatly that to the civic.
The guy who wrote that defionition is an asshole

'05 Mustang GT- $25k
'05 Civic Si- $20k
The 'Stang costs 20% more.

'05 Mustang GT- $25k
'05 NSX- $90k
The NSX costs over 300% more.

Now, for performance:

'05 Mustang GT: 0-60- 5.1-5.2 sec
'05 NSX: 0-60- 5.0 sec
Not much of a difference, moron... By the time I've spent 10k on a 'Stang it'll run low '9s on the 1/4.
by Myajd jdg August 13, 2005
An incredibly slow car masquerading as a sports car.
My Grand Am GT eats mustangs on a daily basis.
by dont' want to embarass you July 16, 2005
A piece of shit so called muscle car that everyone and their brother owns.
Your everyday generic joefuck owns one of these.
Otherwise known as a MOUSESTANG.
I wish I wasn't a faggot, Then I could possibly own something like a Camaro, Firebird, or GTO.
Wow, You have a mustang?!?! ME TOO!!!!!
by danny dubz May 09, 2007
The Civic of the domestic world.
-My uber loud exhaust will make me win!!
-I am the ultimate ricer of the domestic world.
by Familia March 12, 2005
A Pseudo-muscle car manufactured by Ford to make women think they have a real muscle car.

Mustangs can usually be found behind Camaros, Trans-Ams, or GTOs... however, a Mustang is still much better than a little piece of shit rice burner.
Look at the way that Goat ate that Mustang! However, that Mustang did much better than the lawnmower... er... rice burner! In fact, that turtle beat that rice burner!
by First National Bastard May 13, 2003
1. Best selling sports car in America.

2. Car that attracts lots of female attention due to its great styling and lack of similarity to the Camaro, aka Mullet-Mobile.
Damn man, you fucked another girl in your Mustang?!
by Bob December 15, 2002
mustang is another shitty car that cant smoke anything, it must have tang to smoke it. why the hell would it be a cobra when it's a horse?
My Mach 2000 Cobra Shelby Saleen Roush Mustang has a v36 engine in it, got about 100 hp on mach 2000, 1000 on cobra, 26317963 on shelby, 712893612753921 on saleen, and 137452954363157854343 on roush, it's soo powerful, it cant even smoke a civic
by FUCKMUSCLECARS June 10, 2007
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