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a souped up economy import (hence the term rice-d) sedan turned into astreet racing machine. They are usually covered in lame stickers, huge exhaust tips, huge spoiler, and lots of other shit all over them. See the movie The Fast and the Furious.
Check out that riced out civic ma nigga.
by lick mah nutz July 29, 2003
to be unaware of a gentleman standing behind you with a hard on
That dude just followed that girl to that table and riced the shit out of her
by Mr. Floppycock November 30, 2011
Knocking someone out in a elevator.
Did you see the new Captain America, he riced the fuck out of those dudes in the elevator scene
by TarheelSwag704 September 17, 2014
What you do after an injury.

Rest - your body
Ice - the pain
Compression - limits swelling
Elevation - raise your injury to prevent blood from inflaming the area
Drugs - to ease the pain and inflammation
"Dude, what did you do after the game?"

"Dude, I broke my ankle so I totally RICED."
by HVIP November 05, 2009
the ancient art of stealing items from a store by placing them under the shopping cart and hiding them during the checkout process.
we went to the grocery store and kyle riced a whole pack of toilet paper!
by cubbiebear22 January 23, 2008
To be riced. To be so drunk it seems to be a good idea to start a food fight in a curry house on the way home from a night out. Usually someone will have rice thrown in their face, this should be accompanied by a comment from a thrid party 'You just got riced'. Other antic's usually found when getting riced are 'popadum smashed over head' and 'mint sauce spoon catapult'.
'You were riced last night, you even curried a waiter!'
by eddy_marks January 19, 2009
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