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Used to express reluctance or disinterest in carryinng out an activity that is undesired.
Honey, could you please take out the trash?

by Ted December 02, 2003
1. Dope
2. Wasted
3. Friend
Yo, you see that kid? He was all mumphed up
by cheebychunk March 23, 2006
mentally retarded individual
They should make the windows on short buses pepper flavored so the mumph's won't lick the glass.
by Donba March 02, 2007
An embarrassingly thin cappuccino-stain of a moustache. All too common during Movember, the Mumph Munth.
Howard: "Don't you mock my moustache. It's taken me over a month to grow."
Vince: "A mumph?!?"

- The Mighty Boosh
by Mumpher October 02, 2013

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