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Movember(formally known as November) is a month long fund raising event during which participants(almost always adult males) attempt to grow a luxurious and stylish moustache throughout the month. they also ask people to sponsor them for this event, and all monies raised go toward mens health issues and further research...
The rules are that at the start of the month the shaved smile must be photographed and posted, updates must be provided for donating parties, and at the end of the month the results must be photographed and displayed. in addition Participants may organise a Movember party do display the completed Mo!
johnny-"I'm growing a handlebar Mo for Movember!"
thomas-"I'm goin the chopper mo!"
Timmy-"i'm doin the sanchez!"
by Kerez November 30, 2008
Held in November, the primary purpose of this months to promote mens health awareness for colon cancer along with other diseases. this is the month in which people gather together to grow and compare mustaches. Participants begin the month clean shaven and cultivate their mustaches throughout the month. The month climaxes with participants comparing and appreciating each others mustaches in a manly, non gay way.

Quiksilver Inc Holds a contest promoting this mens health awareness month.
I'm totally growing handlebars for this movembers prize to the playboy mansion!
by sgrenzow November 01, 2009
Refers to the month of November where men (and some women) grow a glorious upper lip "jacket" (or Mustache) in order to bring attention to men's health issues and raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer. The Mo for Movember can only be sported in the month of Movember and must abide by rules set forth by Mo-brethren.
This Movember I plan on growing a trucker Mo.
by CaptainOMG November 03, 2014
In New Zealand, prostate cancer awareness month is held in November, so men grow moustaches "mo's" in support of this cause
check out his handlebar mo, he must be doing Mo-vember
by Belle2008 November 18, 2008
Movember (known until now as November) is the month where men all over the country grow a mustache, and if they are not manly enough for such achievements shave their head into either a mohecan or a reverse mohecan, or of course a mustache and a mohecan, if they want to be really outrageous.
I'm going to grow a mustache and get a mohecan this Movember.
by Aslant Hoard November 01, 2009
When: 1) you move house during the month of November; or 2) your friends are moving, and they try to rope you into helping. Movember is especially painful if you own a truck.
"No, sorry, you can't borrow my truck next weekend. It's booked solid for the entire month of Movember."

"No, I can't go to the concert. I have no life till Movember is over."
by RavenLuni November 10, 2009
Refers to both the month and the mustache grown in November to bring attention to mens health issues. The movember can only be sported in the month of Movember but it can precede a mo-linger.

Variances in the cause can lead a movember being called by different names. For instance a prostate cancer movember can also be called a prostache.

A movember is also a crucial ingredient to delivering molingus.

And both parties must be sporting a movember to have an official Movember Moment.
Horatio: Ya, this is my movember. Pretty sweet!

Yorick: Alas, I mine looks like death.

Horatio: Maybe you should comb it?
by Zarbuck November 29, 2010
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