FAVORITE. Morgan should always be the favorite out of anyone called megan, danyika, holly or elizabeth. If you have a friend called morgan you should always shout FAVORITE at her when passing her in the street.
'Oh look there's Morgan'
'Oh yeah, "FAVORITE!"
by FAVORITEfavoriteFAVORITE November 03, 2010
Morgan is a girl who is adored for her ridiculous personality. She is very pretty and has a twisted sense of humor that people admire. Her body is deliciously toned for she is highly athletic. Notable physical characteristics include green eyes and a thin frame, though Morgans come in all beautiful varieties. Although easily startled, Morgan is a tough girl who deals with a lot of shit without breaking down or crying. You won’t meet another girl like her.
Boy 1: Aww man, I wish I was dating Morgan.
Boy 2: Me too, she's so hot.
Boy 3: She has a great ass!
by DonnyXX62 April 26, 2013
An amazing friend. usually has brown eyes and a great smile. Morgans are really sarcastic and laugh a lot. they are definitely someone you want to hang out with and get to know. if you have a Morgan, make sure to not let them go.
got to hang out with Morgan today! she was hilarious
by h1370 June 28, 2014
AN AMAZING GIRL WITH SWAG. a lot of ppl wish they cud be her. she always the "funny one" in her group of friends. usually a tomboy,hipster, edgy, or prep. people talk about her cuz they are jealous. she has amaaizing green or brown eyes and loovvves to partay. a lot of people uinderestimate her but she is actually very tough. mess with morgan, and you'll regret it. she also can be very classy, and mature in the right situation. she's hilarious. the guys love her. she is a leader. if you're friends with her, you are lucky, hold on to her and never let her go.
person: Dude, what am i gonna do?

Person 2: Go to Morgan, she can help.
by Jackie.love114 March 10, 2012
Morgan is this amazing freshman girl, She has the most beautiful brown eyes, She is a beautiful singer, Shes smart and brave, Morgan is the most amazing girl, She doesn't care what people think of her, Shes pretty and shes understanding, She is always there for her friends, Morgan is the most hottest freshman I've ever met, Shes funny and I love everything about her, Morgan is really cute shes a great best friend she has the most beautiful smile
Morgan: im so nervous about choir
guy1: Don't be nervous If you get nervous Think of me
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
One of the best people I've ever, not only met, but laid eyes on.
Me: That girl though!

Friend: Yeah. She's Morgan.

by bobtom1234 January 11, 2014
Morgan is absolutely the most amazing girl you'll ever be lucky enough to meet. She is incredibly smart, loves reading and she never hesitates to compliment you or lift you up. She loves the outdoors and anything that involves Star Wars... Honestly, could you ever ask for more? I mean, it's Star Wars, 'nuf said. Oh yeah, she'll also totally kill you if you make her mad, so I'd watch your step if I were you. You wish you could spend every hour talking to her. Morgan, in a word, is beautiful inside and out.
Sam- Oh my gosh, I think I'm in love with her!
Sally- Who? Morgan?
Sam- Umm, yeah... Duh. I mean, she's Morgan
by ShakespeareSonnet May 15, 2013

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