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Morgan is a girl who is adored for her ridiculous personality. She is very pretty and has a twisted sense of humor that people admire. Her body is deliciously toned for she is highly athletic. Notable physical characteristics include green eyes and a thin frame, though Morgans come in all beautiful varieties. Although easily startled, Morgan is a tough girl who deals with a lot of shit without breaking down or crying. You won’t meet another girl like her.
Boy 1: Aww man, I wish I was dating Morgan.
Boy 2: Me too, she's so hot.
Boy 3: She has a great ass!
by DonnyXX62 April 26, 2013
a very sporty and beautiful young girl and is loved very much by her best friends she is very strong and always seems to smile she is a loving loyal friend and has amazing gold hair although people keep saying its ginger she is loved so very much and she means a lot to many people she is a very special young lady and is one in a million she always makes sure her friends are okay and smiling before worrying about herself and is always in a good mood she is not very shy but very talented although she puts her self down all the time she is a very kind and forgiving person that is why she is loved so much
by jenny nicholson March 05, 2013
A man who likes to play the organ whilst naked
I'm glad Chris Martin isn't a morgan player
by truthspeaker123+321 November 18, 2011
A morgan is someone whos very kind, Shes pretty and beautiful morgan is honest and caring she always there for her friends shes always help people when she make a promise she keeps it morgan has a beautiful smile shes the most beautiful and amazing girl i ever met shes talented and shes hot shes funny and she has the most amazing dark brown eyes Morgan is the best girl i've ever met I would never hurt her or made fun of her she always cheer me up when im upset shes brave shes going to look even more beautiful with her new smile
Boy: i will do anything for you
morgan: i will do anything for you too
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
She loves to swim and loves making people laugh. her smile might not be perfect but it still stops people. some men dont realize that she might be gentile but on the inside she is hard core. she gets really into evrey thing she likes. if your going out with a Morgan dont be shy she likes suprizes.
shes such an amazing Morgan
by hellogirl2252 July 01, 2011
A Morgan is the best friend you could ever have. She is loyal and true, and will always be there for you. Though you know you can always count on her, be sure to be there when she needs you; because to lose a Morgan as a friend is a tragedy. This girl typically is short and sweet with stunning blue eyes and and dark hair. She also has a habit of falling for those closest to her...
I'm feeling really down right now. I wish Morgan were here...
by XxXmyloveXxX October 10, 2010
The best boyfriend ever. Usually has an awesome afro! Also known as a penguin. HE LIKES FISH!
1. He's gorgeous, he must be a morgan!
2. Morgan, a walking afro!
3. Morguin is a morgan penguin, and Lucy is cool
4. From Lucy xxxx
by IamYourGirlfriendFish September 07, 2013