The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He knows how to make you smile and laugh. Fun person to be with. Gives the best hugs and kisses. The most easy likable guy ever. Sweet, caring, nice, and sexy.
ayy boy holdin the girl

by mckayy21 August 02, 2010
AN AMAZING GIRL WITH SWAG. a lot of ppl wish they cud be her. she always the "funny one" in her group of friends. usually a tomboy,hipster, edgy, or prep. people talk about her cuz they are jealous. she has amaaizing green or brown eyes and loovvves to partay. a lot of people uinderestimate her but she is actually very tough. mess with morgan, and you'll regret it. she also can be very classy, and mature in the right situation. she's hilarious. the guys love her. she is a leader. if you're friends with her, you are lucky, hold on to her and never let her go.
person: Dude, what am i gonna do?

Person 2: Go to Morgan, she can help.
by Jackie.love114 March 10, 2012
A Morgan is the best friend you could ever have. She is loyal and true, and will always be there for you. Though you know you can always count on her, be sure to be there when she needs you; because to lose a Morgan as a friend is a tragedy. This girl typically is short and sweet with stunning blue eyes and and dark hair. She also has a habit of falling for those closest to her...
I'm feeling really down right now. I wish Morgan were here...
by XxXmyloveXxX October 10, 2010
The best person alive! She's sweet and fun loving! She loves Prozac too but other then at she's probably the nicest girl you'll ever meet. Morgan will be your best friend ever! Good advice giver and loyal beyond belief! She personality is one that you sure wouldn't forget and will sick with you 24/7. She's the absolute best!!
Girl:You know that Morgan girl?
Girl:Ohh well shes pretty amazing!!
by Hahah!! February 10, 2010
Morgan is the most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on.
She has stunning blue eyes and usually light brown hair, shes hilarious, outgoing, friendly,lovable, GORGEOUS.
she lives off of athletics and is one of the biggest heartbreakers that you will ever meet. Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself with a morgan, because they are truly something special. Though they are not the brightest of them all..many girls are jealous of a morgan, I don't blame them though. morgan has swag.
not possible..
by dontsweatmyswag November 25, 2011
A wonderful child. She is a great beautiful person, we all love her sooo much! You wish you were as good as a Morgan! :)
Wow, that Morgan is literally the prettiest girl I've ever seen!! :)
by @--|-- May 25, 2011
FAVORITE. Morgan should always be the favorite out of anyone called megan, danyika, holly or elizabeth. If you have a friend called morgan you should always shout FAVORITE at her when passing her in the street.
'Oh look there's Morgan'
'Oh yeah, "FAVORITE!"
by FAVORITEfavoriteFAVORITE November 03, 2010

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