a very sporty and beautiful young girl and is loved very much by her best friends she is very strong and always seems to smile she is a loving loyal friend and has amazing gold hair although people keep saying its ginger she is loved so very much and she means a lot to many people she is a very special young lady and is one in a million she always makes sure her friends are okay and smiling before worrying about herself and is always in a good mood she is not very shy but very talented although she puts her self down all the time she is a very kind and forgiving person that is why she is loved so much
by jenny nicholson March 05, 2013
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, though she doesn't think so. She is often seen walking around with two other people, but she's alwyays on the left! She doesn't like the name Nicole. She is nice, thoughtful, forgiving, and just downright amazing!
ex 1. Guy 1: 'omg, is that Morgan?'

Guy 2: 'She IS on the left side, isn't she?'
ex 2. Guy 1: 'omg, that girl ia so beautiful, umm what's her name again, Nicole?'

Guy 2: 'No, that's Morgan, you're lucky she didn't hear you call her Nicole!'
by Gunga-Zumba-14 July 24, 2012
A complete weirdo. Often flirts with male teachers, but not to get better grades, just for fun. Always gets up in peoples' personal space. Very persistent.
"Why doesn't anyone like me?"
"Because you're a Morgan!"
"Oh...that explains a lot then! Want to be friends?"
by dargondaemon October 09, 2014
The best boyfriend ever. Usually has an awesome afro! Also known as a penguin. HE LIKES FISH!
1. He's gorgeous, he must be a morgan!
2. Morgan, a walking afro!
3. Morguin is a morgan penguin, and Lucy is cool
4. From Lucy xxxx
by IamYourGirlfriendFish September 07, 2013
A goofy guy, usually good looking with dark hair, amazin light eyes and an awesome smile. He can make anyone laugh, and he has an awesome laugh. Usually used to describe something singular, but can be used for something plural as well.
Ex. 1
Guy 1: Dude, Morgan was so funny in class today!

Guy 2: I know! My stomach still hurt from laughing so much

Ex. 2
Girl 1: OMG, I met this guy, and he has the BEST personality, and the most gorgeous eyes, he makes me laugh so much too!

Girl 2: He's a Morgan, no doubt about it!
by Idcwututhinkimme November 18, 2012
the most amazing guy you could meet. He's protective and strong, and he cares about you. He's funny and smart. There's a reason he's named after a god.
Did you know Morgan?
That awesome guy who every girl loves, YEAH!
by Ghost11 August 21, 2012
Morgan is the best. She has the most wonderful eyes that I would die for and her hair is so long. She Is always there for me and I couldn't live without her. Nobody messes with her cause I guess she's 'rocky balboa'. She constantly asks if I'm okay and hates when I don't answer her cause she thinks I've fell out with her. She always sticks up for me even though I don't want her to. Deep inside she has a sensitive side that nobody sees but I know it's there.
Morgan is the best thing that happened to me
by Nobody will know February 22, 2015

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