One of the best people I've ever, not only met, but laid eyes on.
Me: That girl though!

Friend: Yeah. She's Morgan.

by bobtom1234 January 11, 2014
A person with a big penis who is good at fucking and breaks girls legs when he fucks them
Booty bigbut Morgan
by MORGSTER May 21, 2013
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, though she doesn't think so. She is often seen walking around with two other people, but she's alwyays on the left! She doesn't like the name Nicole. She is nice, thoughtful, forgiving, and just downright amazing!
ex 1. Guy 1: 'omg, is that Morgan?'

Guy 2: 'She IS on the left side, isn't she?'
ex 2. Guy 1: 'omg, that girl ia so beautiful, umm what's her name again, Nicole?'

Guy 2: 'No, that's Morgan, you're lucky she didn't hear you call her Nicole!'
by Gunga-Zumba-14 July 24, 2012
A morgan is someone whos very kind, Shes pretty and beautiful morgan is honest and caring she always there for her friends shes always help people when she make a promise she keeps it morgan has a beautiful smile shes the most beautiful and amazing girl i ever met shes talented and shes hot shes funny and she has the most amazing dark brown eyes Morgan is the best girl i've ever met I would never hurt her or made fun of her she always cheer me up when im upset shes brave shes going to look even more beautiful with her new smile
Boy: i will do anything for you
morgan: i will do anything for you too
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
An amazing friend. usually has brown eyes and a great smile. Morgans are really sarcastic and laugh a lot. they are definitely someone you want to hang out with and get to know. if you have a Morgan, make sure to not let them go.
got to hang out with Morgan today! she was hilarious
by h1370 June 28, 2014
A funny hilarious girl who can be blonde or brunette . They talk like they have no fear and will always stand up for someone when they are in trouble. Small ass, but big heart. She is a total badass and can get looks from all the guys. They might not be looks of attraction but whatever . Do yo thang mo mo.
by 09ab January 02, 2014
Most amazing girl ever! She is athletic and has a great body. She has a nice butt and breast. She is everything and more. She will always be wanted by a guy. Nothing will ever get in the way of this beautiful outgoing girl!
"Damn Morgan is looking sexy today!"

"To bad she has a man, wish I could be him!"
by that guy9 December 10, 2013

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