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Morgan is this amazing freshman girl, She has the most beautiful brown eyes, She is a beautiful singer, Shes smart and brave, Morgan is the most amazing girl, She doesn't care what people think of her, Shes pretty and shes understanding, She is always there for her friends, Morgan is the most hottest freshman I've ever met, Shes funny and I love everything about her, Morgan is really cute shes a great best friend she has the most beautiful smile
Morgan: im so nervous about choir
guy1: Don't be nervous If you get nervous Think of me
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
A morgan is someone whos very kind, Shes pretty and beautiful morgan is honest and caring she always there for her friends shes always help people when she make a promise she keeps it morgan has a beautiful smile shes the most beautiful and amazing girl i ever met shes talented and shes hot shes funny and she has the most amazing dark brown eyes Morgan is the best girl i've ever met I would never hurt her or made fun of her she always cheer me up when im upset shes brave shes going to look even more beautiful with her new smile
Boy: i will do anything for you
morgan: i will do anything for you too
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011

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